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With its striking forts, regal palaces, poetry carved temples and chhatris, Orchha presents a matchless spectacle and is a delightful place for photographers. It is also about the natural splendor of a wonderful valley where the crystal-clear waters of the Betwa flow quietly along the banks for which solitude is a way of life.

Located at a distance of 16 km from Jhansi, Orchha rises out of the hills and the greens surrounding it. The historical monuments of Orchha still retain their pristine charm and narrate stories of war and peace, of love and destruction. It is also a place famous for Bundela paintings, of which it was once a centre of activity.


Orcha has great splendor depicted by the presence of temples and palaces built by the Bundela Rajput rulers of Orcha to give the testimony of their beliefs, likings and tastes for architecture to the generations to come. Since the place has kept full ancient history kept alive, it has great prominence among the tourists visiting Orcha from destinations all over the world.

When planning a trip to Orcha, there is no need to be worried about, where to stay and what to eat. A number of good hotels have come up at Orcha to accommodate the increasing number of tourists to the town, presenting the rich grandeur of the place.

Amar Mahal Orchha:

Amar Mahal is a Super Heritage Hotel located in Orchha. You can find a truly rich evidence of Royal Bundelkhandi Style Architecture. It provides the rare feeling of getting close to rich cultural history of the brave Bundel warriors. Royal hospitality and matching comfort offer a wonderful great holiday style putting a sweet mark down the memory lane.

For Reservation, Please Contact

Amar Mahal

Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh- INDIA




Orchha, a medieval city placed on the banks of river Betwa literally means a ‘hidden place’. Today this little village under deep slumber has wonderfully preserved the spirit of its illustrious past. Adorned with splendid temples, cenotaphs, striking forts, chhatris, the capital of the Bundela Kingdom breathes history in every detail. Surrounded by thick Dhak forest where every dawn is embraced by chirping of birds, where the scenic water body adds to the picturesque environ, the place appears like a sweet reverie. One cannot stop getting drowned in the melodious rhythm of river Betwa. Orchha is a weekend getaway from Delhi, Kanpur and Bhopal or visited as a part of Itinerary along with heritage circuit of Agra, Gwalior and Khajuraho.

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