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The royal residence of erstwhile kings of Orchha, Raj Mahal is situated in Tikamgarh district, Madhya Pradesh. Beautiful towers decorate the exterior of this magnificent palace, and outstanding mural paintings adorn the interiors.

The palace houses two rectangular courtyards, which follows the ancient Indian concept of the mandapa. The most important feature inside the palace is the Diwan-i-Khaas, which is widely admired for its fantastic motifs. A 17th century monument that withstood the ravages of time is a worthy a watch.

The Raj Mahal is a fine example of Mughal architecture with typical stone jali (lattice) work and multifaced arches at the entrance. The palace is in the shape of a perfect square that is further divided into two courtyards. The main courtyard is flanked by the palace which has a four-storeyed building at one end of it.

The other three sides have five-storeyed apartments. The Raj Mahal’s facade is simplicity personified with hardly any ornamental detailing, but the interiors house some splendid paintings.

The outer courtyard has some beautiful arches arranged in floral patterns and carved out in lime mortar.

Work on the Raj Mahal was started by Raja Rudra Pratap, but he died in 1531, leaving the construction incomplete. His son, Bharti Chand, completed the front and the main portion of the palace, but could not complete the building during his lifetime. The final touches to the Raj Mahal were added by one of the most prominent rulers of Orchha, Madhukar Shah who built several other monuments in the town as well. 

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