Mesmerizing Paintings at the Saaket Museum in Orchha

More of an art gallery than a museum, the Saaket Museum in Orchha showcases some beautiful folk paintings from different states of India. The Madhubani paintings from Bihar are particularly striking. This museum was established by Kapil Tiwari, director of the Adivasi Lok Kala Academy.

Keeping in mind Orchha’s spiritual and archeological importance, and also its significance as a renowned tourist place, the academy established Ramayan Kala Museum in 2005 at Baroodkhana, Orchha. The museum houses all art items, traditional painting featuring Ramkatha in various styles. It also showcases crowns, masks, jewellery and costumes associated with Ramkatha and Ramleela.

Saaket Ramayan Kala Sangrahalaya is the country’s first museum which display the traditional arts associated with the Ramayana, themed artwork in various tribal art styles..

Sharing the mesmerizing paintings of Saaket Ramayan Kala Sangrahalaya.

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Sita Vidai, Madhubani Art (Bihar)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Lord Rama paying his respects to Yamuna River, Cheriyal Pattam Art (Andhra Pradesh)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Maarich’s transformation into a golden deer, Chrakathi Art (Maharashtra)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Lord Rama and Hanuman, Kalamkari Art (Andhra Pradesh)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Lord Rama’s Coronation, Patua Art (West Bengal)

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Establishment of the Bridge, Patta Art (Orissa)

Saaket Museum is ranked 3rd among the 10 must to do things in Orchha.

Amar Mahal Orchha

For an unforgettable experience of the mesmerizing art work of india with the ultimate regal hospitality amidst  the modern luxuries and beauty of nature, feel free to contact

Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
Tel : + 917680252102 , 252202
Fax : +917680-252203



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  1. Rahul said:

    Truly enchanting…I never heard about the museum in Orchha… will certainly visit it next time…

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