Three Important Attractions in Orchha

Orchha was the 16thcentury capital of the Bundelkhand region, which extends from Jhansi in the north to Chambal in the west, Khajuraho in the east and Panna in the south. It is known for the lovely architecture that flourished during the reign of the Bundela kings, who were renowned for their Rajputhi bravery and their refined taste in arts. They withstood the might of the Mughals and won almost every battle against them. The golden period of Orchha is said to have been until the mid-17th century when all the palaces and temples were built.

Orchha has 3 important attractions – the fortified area that includes royal palaces, royal cenotaphs and the temples. Let us first take you to the magnificent, marvelous and mesmerizing palaces of Orchha i.e. Raj Mahal, Jahangir Mahal and the Amar Mahal in Orchha.

Raj Mahal is the Bundela kings’ residential palace . It’s a large, simple mahal with a Diwan-e-Aam on the outside and two lovely, square courtyards inside. Bundela king Veer Singh Deo had 8 wives and each had their own living quarters as well as common areas for makeup and devotion. The king himself had a room in the center, that was larger than the queens’ quarters and were connected to them through a narrow passageway, which is currently closed. All these rooms have beautiful paintings on the ceilings and walls. They depict birds and animals of Bundela as well as mythological themes like the Dashavataram. Unlike other palaces, this one has a Hamam (bathing room) and toilets that can be seen.

Raj Mahal Orchha

Veer Singh Deo built an alliance with Jehangir, Emperor Akbar’s son, and then built the fantastic Jehangir Mahal in his honor. This palace is an architectural wonder and you would be absolutely enthralled by it.  Exiting Raja Mahal, you would enter Jehangir Mahal through an entrance at the back and step into a beautiful inner courtyard. At the center of the courtyard was a shallow tank where water was heated and sprinkled with flowers, spreading a lovely aroma in the air. The courtyard is surrounded by living quarters that were built for Jehangir and his entourage. These are topped by fantastic domed cupolas that are fashioned after those at Fatehpur Sikri.  As you climb to the top, you would love the views from there. You can walk along the walls of the palace and can enjoy the panoramic views of Orchha from every angle.

One could easily spend days exploring each one of them – it is quite a sight! Orchha may have the same charm and small-town feel as Bundi-Rajasthan, but it definitely has much more to see and do.

In the hidden town of Orchha, Amar Mahal offers a vision drenched with amatory and beauty. The massive cenotaphs and the lush green hills complement this royal hotel and enhance its appeal and charm. Walk to a beautiful world of fairy tale luxuries with ornate suite, fit for the King cuisines and splendid activities.

A holiday spent here is worth admiring!! Feel Free to contact

Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
Tel : + 917680252102, 252202
Fax : +917680-252203



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