Savor the magnificence of Bundela paintings

Painting has always been an art of expressing the emotions and feelings of an artist. Painter is one who always plays with colors and its surroundings. He split the colors of joy on a plain canvas to make it vivid and lively. He adds life to it. Paintings have always added a touch of glory and joy to the walls and also to the life of the people.


The temples, palaces and forts of this ‘Hidden town’ Orchha are adorned with the paintings called as Bundela Paintings. Bundela Paintings have touched all the aspects of life and has all the religious overtones. The intricate details of the subjects, dresses and ornaments are worth noticing. Guests can savor the magnificence of Bundela paintings on the walls and ceilings of Amar Mahal. The Amar Mahal Museum has a rich collection of sculptures and paintings.


Each monument in Orchha is adorned with paintings containing a rich treasure of Tirthankaras and Hindu deities that speak a lot about the whole-hearted love and affection of the artists in bygone era. But the best specimens of Bundela paintings can be seen at the Laxmi Narayan Temple and Ram Raja Temple, located at Orchha. The temples, walls and ceilings are adorned with some fine examples of this exquisite painting style. Lord Ram seems to be the favorite god of Orchha as the maximum paintings have featured him. Surprisingly, Orchha is the only place in the world where Lord Ram is worshiped both as a God and a King. Plan a vacation to Orchha which is a perfect getaway to explore and reinvent the royal history.

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