Orchaa:The hidden city

orchaa introductory

Established in 1501 by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh, Orchaa is a town located in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It’s a small town located on betwa river. If one wants to escape from commercial tourism and experience a typical village life in India, then Orchaa is the consummate place for you. It gives you the glimpse of the bygone era of the ‘Maharajas’ rule and at the same time make you aware of the challenging and stalwart life led by the natives.

Orchaa is within easy reach. Nearest located railway station is Jhansi and the airport is Gwalior. Orchaa certainly has some uncanny powers to make you fall in love with the place, most important being the authenticity of the place. This magical and exciting land has got many places and attractions for you to explore. From Ram Mahal temple one can scrutinize how vibrant Hinduism is. With graceful balconies and fluted dome , Jahangir Mahal smites you completely. It is considered to be an exclusive specimen of Mughal Architecture. Numerous cenotaphs’ and ‘chhatris’ dot the vicinity of the fort and the river.

jehangir mahal orchaabad-river-bundela-paintings-photos

Orchaa is also known as “The Hidden town”. And this hidden town has got hidden flairs. Bundela paintings on the walls of temples and fort touch each aspect of life. Besides, Orchaa is flourished in handicrafts as well. While roaming on the streets of Orchaa you come across masterpieces of art. Bazaars in Orchaa characterize the typical ‘Indian Bazaar’ like the hustle bustle in the area, hawking calls of the shop owners and of course! Not to be missed ‘the Indian bargaining’ system. One unique art form that can be seen while roaming in Orchaa is The Dhokra Handicraft. The metal work of Dhokra, wrought iron mementoes, souvenirs, show pieces are some uniquely handicrafted pieces by the artisans of Orchaa.

Dokra art Bazaars in Orchha

And this doesn’t stop here, Orchaa doesn’t lag behind in hospitality too. The place offers you a lot of luxurious resorts to choose from. Amar Mahal is the perfect place for nature lovers amid the bundeli era. Centrally air-conditioned elegant rooms, spectacular decor and furnishings to exhilarate you. Besides, Amar Mahal offers you the world’s most authentic and sumptuous cuisines. Succulent, crispy and delectable dishes make your stay even more enduring at Amar Mahal.

amar mahal

For a reminiscently refreshing experience amid the regal hospitality and modern luxuries one must visit “The Hidden City’ Of Tikamgarh – “ The Orchaa”. 

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