Amar Mahal :the quintessential regal stay


Situated on the bank of river Betwa, Orchaa is a small town in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It was established in year 1501 by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh- the first king of Orchaa. From ‘Ram Raja’ temple to ‘Jehangir Mahal’, Orchaa has got what it takes to complete your vacations. Orchaa takes you to the bygone era of the ‘Moghul Maharajas’ and at the same time give you the insights of the lives of Indian farmers- their lives and challenges. Beyond the commercial tourism if you want to peep into a typical village life of India then Orchaa is the right place to hit.

amar mahal over looking orchha temples and cenotaphs.

Nestling by the side of Betwa river and picturesque views of various cenotaphs and chatris of Orchaa make Amar Mahal a quintessential stay for the tourists visiting Orchaa. Standing erect on the river, Amar Mahal presents one of the finest examples of the ‘Moghul Architecture’ in the contemporary scenario. Intricately carved pillars, domes, arches simply bind you to the aura of this picturesque property. Amar Mahal boasts of 46 fully furnished and opulent rooms with each and every room facing the lush green exteriors and cenotaphs of Orchaa. All the rooms feature evocative royal Indian interiors that are dramatic play wood art and gold work. Amar Mahal offers its guests the most authentic Bundelkhandi food. Beside trying sumptuous cuisine of Bundelkhand one can also try other Indian, continental and Chinese food.

amar mahal Orchha

Beside luxurious suits and piquant food, Amar Mahal provides various other relaxing and soothing services. One can have ravishing experience with tranquilizing head massage that will release all your stress instantly. You can also recreate and rejuvenate yourself with relaxing ‘Kerela Ayurvedic Massage’ that will not only bust your stress but will also unplug you from the world. Amid the silent starry night, you can have a peaceful time with your family and enjoy the sounds of water rippling. You can also have an ultimate bird watching experience with different species of birds making an appearance. One can also get rid of scorching heat with aqua fun experience with water rafting in Betwa river during stay at Amar Mahal.

amar mahal Orchha

Over the time, Amar Mahal has also emerged as one of the favorite royal wedding destinations. Since wedding is considered to be one of the most divine, sanctified, and tremendous event’s of one’s life. The quality of facilities provided at Amar Mahal make your wedding and stay a majestic and whimsical one.


Conclusively, Amar Mahal sure is the perfect spot to explore heritage from the lap of luxury filled nature and culture. While planning a trip to Orchaa, Stay at Amar Mahal is highly suggested.

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