Toothsome tribal food of Bundelkhand


The ambrosial food of India has always fascinated everyone be it people from India or outside India. Indian food is the richest amongst the various cuisines of the world. Rather than having a fixed specialty, Indian food is concentrated towards region. Indian food carries the day with not only its piquant food but also for the style involved in its cooking. Food of India is known for its spiciness and rich flavor. It is believed that more the spices used in food, better its taste is going to be. Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cloves, asafetida, nutmeg and many more are amongst the popular Indian spices that are also known as ‘Khada Masalas’.

Food of Madhya Pradesh is amongst the favorite on the charts of food lovers and food connoisseurs. Popular delicacies of Madhya Pradesh include an array of vegetarian, non vegetarian and lip smacking desserts. The USP of the food of this incredible state is the generous use of Indian spices, condiments and oils. Though cuisines of M.P. has influences from its neighboring states, the people of this state have added a distinct taste to each of the dish with their cooking prowess. The most popular delicacy amongst the food of M.P. is “bhutte ki kees”. This scrumptious dish is made in corn and milk. The other popular delicacies include “chakki ki shaak”, “mawa baati”, “khoprapak”, “malpua and many more.

chakki ki shaak

While talking about the food of Madhya Pradesh, how can we not talk about the sumptuous food of “Bundelkhand.” People of this region are impeccable at hospitality and food. If you will refuse to eat anything out of the dishes being served, you will notice people fussing all over you, pressing and serving you alternative dishes. That is considered to be the perfect “Mehmaan-nawazi” . Bundelkhand is famous for its succulent and juicy kebabs. Another very popular delicacy of the region includes “Bundeli Ghost”
that is served with rice or ‘makai roti’. The food of Bundelkhand has been acclaimed nationally by Mr. Vinod Dua in his show “Zaayka India Ka”. The food of Bundelkhand is also described a “a perfect tribal food experience”. Other famous and heavenly dishes of this region include “Kunde ka bhatta”, “tapu”, “Murar ka kebab”.


Albeit there are very few desserts of this tribal region but each and every dessert is a must try delicacy. The best of them is “Raas ki kheer” that is prepared by ‘mahua flowers’, milk and millets. Interestingly, there is no sugar added to this dessert. It has got sweetness of its own.

raas ki kheer

And when we talk about the food of Orchaa, Amar Mahal needs a special attention because of its special food. Amar Mahal probably serves the best food of Bundelkhand. This has been proven when one of the best food critic and host of the popular tv show “Zaayka  India Ka” came to Amar Mahal and tried all the succulent Bundelkhandi dishes and he was blown away by the ambrosial taste of the delicacies.

amar mahal vinod dua

Haven’t all these tempting dishes titillated your senses. Don’t trickle the saliva in your mouth, and simply come on over to this small and incredible region to have an exceptional and enchanting “Tribal Cuisine experience.”


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