Orchha… other than Cenotaphs!!

There is no end to the adventures you can have if only you seek them with your eyes open. Welcome to a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Welcome to Amar Mahal, Orchha!!

amar mahal

List of interesting Activities other than watching cenotaphs you can enjoy on your trip to Orchha..

1. River Rafting

Orchha Cenotaphs

The challenge of a turbulent current is no less than that of the rough landscapes. Nestled in the lap of lush greenery and massive cenotaphs, Orchha’s mighty river Betwa swift right from the Vindhya Range and empties itself into the Yamuna. River Rafting is such an experience which actually makes a traveler feel as if it’s some high action series.

2. Bird Watching

Orcha 020-crop

The season is perfect to stroll through Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary which is often referred as a Bird Sanctuary. During the monsoon season the normally dry area is lush & green and its abundant river Betwa is brimming with water.

3. Meditation


Orchha is a peaceful place ‘far from the madding crowd’. The peaceful ambiance and the soothing air in Orchha have transformed it into a delightful retreat for those who seek peace and tranquility. More recently, Orchha blossomed as a Meditation hot spot for yoga enthusiasts!!

4. Shopping


Bazaars in Orchha provide the major sources of recreation to the innumerable tourists who come from various parts of the world to visit the city. The metal works of Dokra, objects of wrought iron, and other gift items such as mementos, souvenirs, and showpieces are prominently found in the bazaars of Orchha. One can have a clear glimpse of the tribal culture and tradition in this art form.

Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
Tel :                         + 917680252102            , 252202
Fax : +917680-252203

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