Navratri Celebration in Bundelkhand

navratri Pooja

Navratri festival is celebrated with great fervor across India, especially in Gujrat and Rajasthan, but there is a region in central India called Bundel khand where the significance of this festival is a little different and sacred. For the agrarian community who inhabit the central Indian region known as Bundelkhand, the Navratri festival is the time to raise the hope high.

To propitiate the goddess, the people build ‘Ghatts’ which are earthen pots stuffed with a local variety of grass. These ghatts are placed at locations in the village considered holy – in the vicinity of the temple, under the banyan tree, in the courtyards of the houses etc. They are allowed to remain there for nine days of the festival and on the ninth night, are set afloat in the nearby ponds, lakes or rivers.


While the most religious and zealous tend to undergo grueling tasks like fasting for nine days or crawling on their knees across the entire village, most believe that the best way to propitiate the goddess to is through song and dance.

Every night, the people gather in the community space. The nagara and the dholak (drums) are out. Folk songs ring through the air. Everybody dances till they can’t dance anymore. It’s almost like a fever in the air of bundelkhand. You can observe the locals and visitors filled with a never-before and never-after wave of hope and joy while dancing and making merry. The nine days of Navratri are some of the best festivals to be attended in the colorful region of Bundelkhand.

At Amar Mahal Orchha, we organize special dance and cultural evenings for our guests and offer delicious cuisines and desserts of the Navratri Festival.

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