A Perfect Holiday Destination for this Weekend

Orchha Amar Mahal

Weekend is here and you are up to hit the road for another small holiday around. Stretch your legs on the Jhansi Khajuraho path and come across a quaint little town – Orchha. The hidden town of Bundelkhand is famous for it huge cenotaphs, marvelous temples, river rafting and Raja Ram temple aarti in the evening.

Orchha Cenotaphs amar mahal over looking orchha temples and cenotaphs.

Come enjoy the beauty of nature and architecture in Orchha. And, if are looking forward to a stay in Royal residence of an erstwhile Maharaja, then Amar Mahal Orchha is the place you should check in for regal ambiances, vintage furnishing and luxurious hospitality. Enveloped with a magical natural beauty, the Palace is a nature lovers’ paradise.

amar mahal

At Amar Mahal, you can find a truly rich evidence of Royal Bundelkhandi Style Architecture. It exudes a special feeling of getting close to rich cultural history of the brave Bundela warriors. Royal hospitality and matching comfort on the other hand offer a splendid holiday experience putting a sweet mark down the memory lane.

For Reservation, Please Contact

Amar Mahal

Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh- INDIA


email: reservation@amarmahal.com


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