Marvelous town Orchha in Madhya Pradesh


Settled on the way to Khajuraho from heritage city of Jhansi in the central region of Madhya Pradesh, the sleepy and slumber town of Orchha is steeped in history. According to fable, Lord Ram, the legendary character from the ancient Ramayana Sanskrit, visited this place to honor the wish of his devotee who was the queen of Orchha. Interestingly, Lord Ram is still believed to visit Orchha for the evening prayer night sleep.

The Monk sitting on the bank of River Betwa in Orchha

The Monk sitting on the bank of River Betwa in Orchha

The evening Aarti at Raja Ram Temple in Orchha is globally acclaimed for its magnificence and grandeur.  The tales of raja Ram and many more are still sung about by local musicians and monks roaming in the town around the temples and river Betwa.

Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh2

There are plenty of sights to admire, such as the mighty Laxmi Narain Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, mammoth cenotaphs, various palaces and towers, but Orchha is equally renowned for its vibrant shops. Dhokra art and metal antiques are abundant here.


Orchha has hot, dry summers and cool winters, so the best time to visit is September through to March.

For an unforgettable experience of magnificent architecture, regal hospitality and the beauty of nature, feel free to contact

Amar Mahal

Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh- INDIA





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