Ram Raja Temple: a pilgrimage site in ancient Palace

Arial view of the beautiful Ram Raja Temple in Orchha

Arial view of the beautiful Ram Raja Temple in Orchha

Raja Ram temple with its iconic evening Aarti in Orchha stands out among all the other Hindu pilgrimages. Here Lord Rama is revered not as a God but as a king, contrary to what the name reflects it’s a Palace not a Temple.

The Temple may seem one of the innumerable sanctified sites, but it stands out among the other Hindu pilgrimages for its mesmerizing legends and history. Built on a square base, the temple has an almost entirely plain exterior, relieved by projecting windows and a line of delicate domes along the summit. But the interior of the temple, actually a palace, is just spellbinding.


Ram Raja Temple on Diwali
Tourists from across the countries visit the Ram Raja temple not just for its religious beliefs but the beauty in its architecture and magnificence of its evening Aarti “Prayers”.

To visit the temple you can contact Amar Mahal Orchha

Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh- INDIA


email: reservation@amarmahal.com



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