Cenotaphs: The History Untold


The cenotaphs popularly called chhatris on the banks of River Betwa are the memorial cenotaphs of Bundela kings and their families. This is the only place where you would find the cenotaphs of Hindu kings. These mammoth tombs are typically built in a variation of tombs. Most of these cenotaphs are three storied and built in Panchayatan (five dimensions) style with peaks built in Nagar style of temple architecture.


There are palaces, temples and courtyards dedicated to the Bundela kinsman Hardaul, who committed suicide to prove his innocence in an alleged affair with his elder brother’s wife. It is surprising to see that many Hindu women of the town come to pray and worships in front of his temple everyday from morning to evening. It is believed that anyone who prays to Hardaul, gets their toughest wishes come true.

orchaa introductory

Orchha is a town that unfolds many such historical and legendary tales of the past and its grandeur. Come down to the incredible hidden town and get mesmerized by the magnificence of this little hamlet in Bundelkhand.



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