Three lesser known places to visit near Orchha

Since Orchha itself is a hidden destination, the places near Orchha are even more intriguing with their location, ambiance and the legends connected with them. Here we are listing three lesser known destinations within few kilometers of drive away from Orchha!



An ancient little town 69 Km from Gwalior and 34 Km from Jhansi, Datia is known for its pilgrimage spots like Sidhapeeth, Buglamukhi Devi Temple, Gopeshwar Temple and Sonagiri, a scared Jain hill. Located next to Datia Lake is a famous seven-storied palace built by Raja Vir Singh Deo, which is one of the finest (example) of Bundela architecture and a visual delight for tourists.



With its grand monuments Chanderi, is a town of historical importance, wrapped in the blanket of greenery and is surrounded by beautiful hills Southwest of Betwa River. Chanderi occupies a special place for its weaving sphere for making finely textured fabrics of Silk & Cotton.

Garh Kundar

Garh Kundar

One of the picturesque sites Garh Kundar situated in Tikamgarh is 70 Kms away from Orchha. The place is for those who want to explore the rustic charm of Madhya Pradesh. Large sized courtyards, inscribed pillars found in the fort speak a lot about the rich culture of the fort.

Travel to these amazing lesser known destinations near Orchha and add a new experience of the unknown world into your memory.

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