Why you must visit River Betwa in Orchha


Orchha is a mesmerizing town with scenic beauty and eye popping architecture of mammoth cenotaphs and unconventional temples. But what makes this medieval town more appealing is the shimmering tributary of Yamuna – River Betwa!

Originating from the mountains of North India, River Betwa divinely gushes through the plains to enter Orchha.  The stoic cenotaphs lined along the southern bank of Betwa peek into the blue waters and look back into the past paying tribute to the valour of Bundela rulers.


The Fifteen handsome cenotaphs, embodying the ashes of cremated kings and princes, are precisely aligned in sprawling gardens tendering panoramic views of the town and the river snaking through the rolling landscape.

An exhilarating river rafting expedition on the currents of River Betwa offers a different perspective of the cenotaphs.

orchha rafting

River Betwa also flows through one of the most scenic places in Madhya Pradesh i.e. Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary which is a home to some of the most endangered wildlife species and rare plantations in the world.

A religious procession crossing the bridge over River Betwa

A religious procession crossing the bridge over River Betwa

Lastly, gazing at the sunrise and sunset from the banks of River Betwa is by far the most delighting and soothing experience one can have in Orchha!!


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