The unfolded natural trails of Orchha

Nature Orchha

Orchha is a hidden town in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. On the lines of its popular suffix ‘Hidden’, Orchha has many hidden treasures to explore and admire. Nature Trails is something that no guide book of Orchha has ever mention about the town.

Across the banks of River Betwa lies this treasure hunt of natural habitats. The river can be crossed through a low bridge built on it, which you can walk on almost as you walk out of the town.  The river crossing experience in itself is an adventurous and delighting walk in the beautiful and splendid town of Orchha.

The Monk sitting on the bank of River Betwa in Orchha

As soon you’ll cross the River Betwa, you’ll be transported in to the nature reserve of Orchha. There are various small trails that can take you across the lush jungle, through Orchha nature reserve. .  Though it can’t be referred as a reserve, yet the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary resembles a natural jungle scene which borders the Madhya Pradesh from Uttar Pradesh. The Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary appeals tourist for its solitude and natural forest ambiance.

River rafting

Apart from Dhawa and Kardhai Trees, few other plants which contribute to the thick plantations of Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary include Teak, Palaash and Khair. With Bird Watching as the main expedition, Orchha Wildlife reserve also offers adventure sports including fishing, river rafting, canoeing, boating, etc.

orchha rafting

To Enjoy the Orchha Nature Trails you can contact us at Amar Mahal Orchha

Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh- INDIA



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