A perfect holiday in Orchha

clouds over Amar Mahal orchha

The Handsome weekend clouds over Amar Mahal are calling you for a refreshing time with us.

Longing to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing holiday in Madhya Pradesh- endearingly called “Hindustan Ka Dil”? Drive down to the hidden town of Orchha. Orchha offers an unimagined experience of bliss and retrenchment.

amar Mahal Orchha

Apart from exploring architectural marvels here, it is the best way to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. In order to maintain the perfect work-life balance, one should often plan a holiday trip to Orchha.  Orchha is vast in its expanses that it is not possible to explore all in one weekend. There are heritage sites, religious monuments, natural wildlife sanctuary and river sports activities to make the most of your weekend holiday. Orchha is quiet, calm and soothing destination for the nature and heritage lovers. While the fabulous drift in weather makes it more delighting to spend a holiday in Orchha!

River Betwa Orchha Orchha

So what are you waiting for? Weather seems to be right!

Take a drive to ‪#‎Orchha for the awesome family time !



For a supreme and ultra delighting experience of the hidden town, plan your stay at Amar Mahal Orchha- an exotic  palace of erstwhile Royals of Bundelkhand.

Call for reservations:

Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
Tel : + 917680252102, 252202
Fax : +917680-252203





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