Orchha- A Jewel in the heart of Madhya Pradesh

amar Mahal Orchha

If you are searching for an off beaten track for the upcoming long weekend then your search for that off the beaten path destination ends here. Because we are taking you to the path, which would led you deep into the splendid countryside of India called Orchha. If you have ever heard of Khajuraho, this terrific hidden town can be reached after an overnight at Khajuraho.

As you reach Orchha you’ll find yourself immersed into the alluring charms of Bundelkhand situated in Madhya Pradesh State of Central India.

River Betwa and Cenotaphs

Orchha in the local tongue literally meant “hidden place.” Indeed, it is. This is one splendid heritage town where you’ll feel that you had made it to the “real” side of rural India the most.

Local pilgrims that too in mesmeric building structures fill the town, a handful of other tourists will be around at the time, and no pushy touts lurking at every street corner, will make your visit to this beautiful town on the banks of River Betwa a memorable one.


Plan your long holi weekend in Orchha with Amar Mahal, the impressive bouquet hotel with the impressions of Royal heritage in Orchha. Know more about the hotel and Orchha at www.amarmahal.com

clouds over Amar Mahal orchha 5(46) Orchha Nov shoot

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  1. We stayed in amar mahal too! wot a lovely quaint town it is

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