Orchha Walking Tour


The townscape of Orchha is dotted with many massive old temples and monuments dedicated to forgotten rulers that would’ve been marvelled by flocks of tourists elsewhere. But as Orchha is still hidden from the commercial tourism, the quaint town enjoys serenity and provides solace to the visitors.

A walking tour of Orchha is the best option to enjoy a close look into its deep rooted heritage and mind blowing legends.


The heritage buildings are not just huge but also represent a remarkable example of great craftsmanship of the era with decorated ornate architecture. The huge cenotaphs and palaces exude a vernacular and distinctive character. Most of those are mysteriously abandoned yet mesmeric to see. They are largely empty inside, but safe for the echoes of locals chanting prayers and the occasional wandering traveller.

jahangir mahal

The most attractive places in Orchha which you may fall for would be the Chaturbhuj Temple,  Jahangir Mahal and Laxmi Narayan Temple. The Chaturbhuj Temple, especially,  appears more like a fortress and dominates the whole town with its towering spires.


Plan your long Holi weekend to enjoy a walking tour of Orchha with Amar Mahal, the impressive bouquet hotel with the impressions of Royal heritage in Orchha. Know more about the hotel and Orchha at www.amarmahal.com

amar mahal Orchha amar mahal Orchha amar mahal Orchha

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