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Intriguing legends around royal families are always infused with romance and grandeur and here in Orchha is our own Salim Anarkali story, although this is no tragedy. The romance between a courtesan of Orchha – Rai Praveen and the king of Bundelkhand Indrajit became lore in the poems of poet Keshav Das. An often heard tale narrates how the more powerful ruler Akbar wanted her in his harem against the wishes of the king. But the courtesan with all her wit spoke her way out of Akbar’s heart that he sent her back to Orchha safe. It is believed that she apparently thwarted the Mughal emperor by saying, “It’s only a royal servant or a dog or a crow, who would like to eat something that has already been polluted by another.” Touched by her loyalty towards her paramour, Akbar decided to restore Rai Parveen to Orchha with both her dignity and that of her kingdom intact. The palace was built by emperor Akbar, is now a fitting memorial to this lady.


Rai Praveen Mahal is an exemplary citadel of wonderful architecture encompassed by nature’s beauty.  A lush garden, with shrubs and flowerbeds pruned in very many artistic shapes, surrounds the palace. Since the palace was built in honor of the ‘Nightingale of Orchha’, Rai Praveen, its second floor is resplendent with scenes of Nritya Mudra, the poses and postures of Indian dance.


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The fort also has a cannon foundry which kept a vigil round the clock, guarding against any exterior threat from the enemies of Orchha.


The Rai Praveen Mahal is beautifully maintained for tourism purpose in Orchha. Palace’s exterior and interior both is truly commendable. Moreover, the tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of the area surrounding the Palace from the roof as well as upper floors. Rai Praveen Mahal is a key monument of 16th Century, which also offers a visual treat of fascinating architecture and paintings to the visitors.  One of the edges of Rai Praveen Mahal also offers to gaze at the stunning view of River Betwa.


If you are more fascinated by the historical monuments and the local versions around it, plan your next trip to Orchha with Amar Mahal!

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Being sincere and up to the guest’s expectation makes a huge difference in hospitality to build trust and relationship! Recently we extended our hospitality for Mr. Singh and his family who wanted to host his daughter’s wedding at Amar Mahal, Orchha.  We are completely touched by his gesture for taking out time from their busy schedule and write to us. We are happy to share with you the kind words of appreciation by Mr. Singh….

Dear Saini ji, Mr Tulsiji and Tomar ji,

Wish you a very happy belated New Year 2017. Due to some other commitment I could not wished you earlier.

Now let me thank you from my heart for all the arrangement made at Amar Mahal during daughter’s marriage. During our stay it was most conform table period we had at Amar mahal. Not received a single complaint about the food quality, service, and arrangements about the hotel. Staff was also very courteous. Specially all of you have taken personal interest on daughter’s marriage and ensured that function should go on smoothly. Quality and taste of Food served during the function was also appreciated by all the guests.

All the guests were happy and appreciated the management of Amar Mahal. Now everyone wants to come back to Amar Mahal for the vacations as they liked the place very much. My brother-in-law has already decided to have son’s marriage son from this resort.

Since we were busy on marriage arrangement during our stay , once again we want to come for a holiday for 2 to 3 days and want to enjoy the hospitality and want to spent peaceful time at Amar mahal. Hope you will consider our request and offer us discounted rate for food and stay.

Once again thanks for all the support and assistance given to us.

Best Regards
B K Singh
CEO, Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility (P) Limited


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Dear Mr. Singh

Thank you for choosing to celebrate the biggest event of your life with us and for taking the time to post a review of your experience at Amar Mahal, Orchha.

We are so very happy that you loved our hospitality during your daughter’s wedding and the stay with us. All of us at Amar Mahal, Orchha are dedicated to providing an exceptional guest experience and a clean comfortable facility for our guests.

Thanks too, for complimenting Saini ji, Tulsiji and Tomar ji.  We will be sure to pass your comments on to them.

We look forward to serving as your hosts again very soon.



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