Celebrations of Saawan in Phool Bagh Orchha

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The splendid town of Orchha is blessed with plethora of archaeological attractions where each temple, ruin, palace and cenotaph narrates intriguing legends and majestic historical tales. But the weather of Orchha is another thing that delights its dwellers and tourists alike. People of Orchha have a special place for Saawan in their hearts as the entire month is full of activities. The month long festivities of Saawan offer every day celebration in the town. Besides sprinkles of rain, here’s one more reason why Saawan is splendid in Orchha.  Saawan Bhado- the natural air coolers of Orchha, which are the blissful retreat in Saawan.

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These strategically constructed pillars keep the area around them cool and refreshing like that of spring in summer. In the month of Saawan, these pillars and their surrounding garden, “Phool Bagh” are flanked by locals and tourists alike to enjoy picnics and the bliss of Saawan under these cooling towers in the garden. Women and children of the house visit the Phool Bagh to rejoice in the weather and festivities with delicious food and sweets. Swings are hanged on trees, religious songs are sung by the women folk of Orchha.

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The towers were perforated on the top such that they could catch the wind, while the lower part of the towers was connected to a reservoir of water. The towers, the water distribution system (aqueducts), and the underground reservoir of water were ingeniously connected to a Chandan Katora or fountain in the pavilion above the retreat. They are perhaps the only example of the Persian system of cooling in India.

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The Phool Bagh, on the other hand, is a laid garden of Orchha and carries the testimony of the highly polished aesthetic sagacity of the Bundelas, who used to rule this small palace. The variety of trees and abundant greenery serve as a perfect base to enjoy the festivities of Saawan in Orchha.

Happy Saawan to you  🙂

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