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Orchha, which houses the majestic Amar Mahal, is a small village near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. It’s a meager 15mins car ride away from Jhansi (the nearest railway station) and a 2-2.5 hour car ride from Gwalior (the nearest airport), Orchha’s reachability and its heritage, makes Amar Mahal the choicest wedding destination in Madhya Pradesh.

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Amar Mahal constitutes inspiration from an entire era, in its structures. With many different venues and spaces for all your wedding functions, you can have all the different backdrops for mehendi, sangeet, reception, and more, accompanied by the beautifully carved walls of Amar Mahal. The pool makes an excellent choice for mandap setup and the Chaturbhuj temple as the background will take your breath away.  Around the world, India stands tall as the choice of destination wedding venues.

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The choices of wedding destinations in India are endless, it’s the iconic architecture of Amar Mahal, carved with Indian culture at its core, along with Orchha’s beautiful monuments, which makes Amar Mahal the one of a kind wedding destination in India.

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Orchha has one of the most beautiful natural backdrops for an exotic pre-wedding photoshoot. With a fascinating number of historical monuments, cenotaphs, and temples, the package of a place Orchha is, remains unmatched.

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A wedding in Amar Mahal will take you on a journey through time, and we at Amar Mahal, take every step for you to feel the royal heritage and to have this history engulfed into your wedding.


Our luxury rooms take care of all your wants, you can relax and forget all the worries in our spa, feast on great food at Vyanjan restaurant, or just chill by our exquisite pool. Our specially trained staff will assist you with every single thing you want, just the way you want.

At Amar Mahal, we believe, marriage is the most important event of two people’s lives and their families, we would take pleasure upon hosting your wedding and making your days as special as the Royals had. If you have some special plans, just give us a call and we take every step to make it possible.

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Weddings are all about the rituals and ceremonies that the bride, groom and their respective families perform. But with the changing lifestyle, a recent addition in the marriages is the Pre Wedding Shoot that gives an opportunity to the couple to know each other and create wonderful bonding.

The Pre-requisite of any Pre-wedding shoot is –The Destination.

While every location has a distinct vibe that complements the nature of the shoot, but the mysticism of Orchha is unparalleled and no place can match the magnificence and the magic of Orchha for a Pre Wedding Shoot other than the Amar Mahal, Orchha.

Amar Mahal, Orchha is one of the few locations where you don’t have to pre-plan your frames for Pre Wedding shoot cause you take any turn, there is a beautiful backdrop – spectacular cenotaphs, majestic arches, stone walls, preserved architecture, stunning poolside, lush green gardens as if coming right out of a fairy tale.


The regal rooms, gazebos and courtyards make it an idyllic terminus for the couple to plan their pre-wedding shoots.


Situated in the serene and architecturally rich town Amar Mahal captures myriad moods at different times of the day. The view when shadows create drama at midnight especially is magical.


There’s grandeur, vibrant colours, panoramic views and always brimming with all the elements that one need to compose spectacular shots.


Memories captured here are bound to be everlasting reminders of time spent in this beautiful destination. Much like the spectacular venues with magnificent backdrops, the pictures of Pre Wedding Shoot taken at Amar Mahal tend to be rather dreamy. The landscapes, cenotaphs, heritage, never fail to inspire creativity and add to the personality of the photographs. The backdrop of Chaturbhuj temple deserves a special mention for making every shot postcard-perfect!

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