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Orchha, which houses the majestic Amar Mahal, is a small village near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. It’s a meager 15mins car ride away from Jhansi (the nearest railway station) and a 2-2.5 hour car ride from Gwalior (the nearest airport), Orchha’s reachability and its heritage, makes Amar Mahal the choicest wedding destination in Madhya Pradesh.

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Amar Mahal constitutes inspiration from an entire era, in its structures. With many different venues and spaces for all your wedding functions, you can have all the different backdrops for mehendi, sangeet, reception, and more, accompanied by the beautifully carved walls of Amar Mahal. The pool makes an excellent choice for mandap setup and the Chaturbhuj temple as the background will take your breath away.  Around the world, India stands tall as the choice of destination wedding venues.

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The choices of wedding destinations in India are endless, it’s the iconic architecture of Amar Mahal, carved with Indian culture at its core, along with Orchha’s beautiful monuments, which makes Amar Mahal the one of a kind wedding destination in India.

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Orchha has one of the most beautiful natural backdrops for an exotic pre-wedding photoshoot. With a fascinating number of historical monuments, cenotaphs, and temples, the package of a place Orchha is, remains unmatched.

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A wedding in Amar Mahal will take you on a journey through time, and we at Amar Mahal, take every step for you to feel the royal heritage and to have this history engulfed into your wedding.


Our luxury rooms take care of all your wants, you can relax and forget all the worries in our spa, feast on great food at Vyanjan restaurant, or just chill by our exquisite pool. Our specially trained staff will assist you with every single thing you want, just the way you want.

At Amar Mahal, we believe, marriage is the most important event of two people’s lives and their families, we would take pleasure upon hosting your wedding and making your days as special as the Royals had. If you have some special plans, just give us a call and we take every step to make it possible.

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Weddings are all about the rituals and ceremonies that the bride, groom and their respective families perform. But with the changing lifestyle, a recent addition in the marriages is the Pre Wedding Shoot that gives an opportunity to the couple to know each other and create wonderful bonding.

The Pre-requisite of any Pre-wedding shoot is –The Destination.

While every location has a distinct vibe that complements the nature of the shoot, but the mysticism of Orchha is unparalleled and no place can match the magnificence and the magic of Orchha for a Pre Wedding Shoot other than the Amar Mahal, Orchha.

Amar Mahal, Orchha is one of the few locations where you don’t have to pre-plan your frames for Pre Wedding shoot cause you take any turn, there is a beautiful backdrop – spectacular cenotaphs, majestic arches, stone walls, preserved architecture, stunning poolside, lush green gardens as if coming right out of a fairy tale.


The regal rooms, gazebos and courtyards make it an idyllic terminus for the couple to plan their pre-wedding shoots.


Situated in the serene and architecturally rich town Amar Mahal captures myriad moods at different times of the day. The view when shadows create drama at midnight especially is magical.


There’s grandeur, vibrant colours, panoramic views and always brimming with all the elements that one need to compose spectacular shots.


Memories captured here are bound to be everlasting reminders of time spent in this beautiful destination. Much like the spectacular venues with magnificent backdrops, the pictures of Pre Wedding Shoot taken at Amar Mahal tend to be rather dreamy. The landscapes, cenotaphs, heritage, never fail to inspire creativity and add to the personality of the photographs. The backdrop of Chaturbhuj temple deserves a special mention for making every shot postcard-perfect!

Looking for surreal Pre Wedding Shoot Destination and want to get Hitched and Clicked.


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Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts until death. Weddings are once in a lifetime chance and you ought to make it memorable. India is considered one of the finest destinations to celebrate the communion of two souls and their families. Rich with its heritage, culture and traditions, who doesn’t like to celebrate their weddings like that of the erstwhile kings and queens. Making your wedding a memory to be cherished forever, a perfect destination does make a lot of difference to the whole wedding affair.

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Orchha is such beautiful destination that fulfils all the desires of couples & sets a fabulous mood for a perfect wedding. This remote town of natural beauty and splendour has almost everything to play a perfect host for a wedding.

Orchha - Destination

With a panoramic view of the mountains and architectural mansions on the backdrop who would not like to indulge in a wedding affair like this. You ask for a palace like wedding affair, we say yes, you ask for a royal gastronomical journey during the wedding functions, we say a yes. Yes, Amar Mahal, Orchha gives you all that you require for a big fat Indian wedding to make it memorable.


Amar Mahal has a truly awe-inspiring architecture, lush green gardens for all your wedding functions – mehndi, sangeet and the main wedding day. With the grandeur no less like the royals and the rich hospitality, to take your marriage wows, Amar Mahal is perfect as a wedding venue keeping in mind your budget.

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Travel to the lesser known secret town of Orchha for a unique experience every time. 

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Destination weddings have always been a popular choice for the connoisseur couples for good reasons.  Who on earth would not be excited by the idea of going to an all new and stunning destination and complete the nuptials of wedding like a royal? We’re talking about destination weddings today because Amar Mahal in the hidden town of Orchha is the destination you wouldn’t be able to ignore. Apart from that, a destination wedding in general promises much more than just an extravagant venue or backdrop for your wedding album. So what’s it that justifies the plans of having a destination wedding? Here we have few exciting reasons to have a beautiful destination wedding away from your own town.

wedding Destination Orchha

  1. Say ‘I Do’ wherever you want.

Your destination wedding will be defined perfect when you fix to get married few kilometers away from your own home. This certainly opens up a world of possibilities for you. Mountains, monuments, castles, secret forests, roof tops, and abandoned meadows the options are endless to expand your imaginations.

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  1. Your wedding will be unique 

Although destination weddings are rising in popularity but still very few dare to go beyond the standard arrangements. With multiple unique and beautiful locations you’ll be able to find a place like this, which you have been dreaming of. Mark our words that your wedding will be etched into your guests’ memory forever .

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  1. It’s quite easy and less expensive

Amar Mahal Orchha offers fully customized and flexible event packages. Whether the event is for 5 or 500, a variety of options means you can have the perfect wedding without the hassle or cost of organizing each component separately.


  1. Enjoy amazing time with your family and extended family

Usually a wedding in same town where you live lasts for about five hours and most of the times, the bride and groom are busy running around trying to complete rituals and greeting guests. A destination event typically spans a minimum of three days which means you will have plenty of time to enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.

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  1. Get everything personalized for you

Remember, it’s your day. You’ve waited for this day all the years in the past. Your wedding should be one of the biggest events you will ever host.  You’d also want it to reflect your personality. That’s the key! A unique environment and style you are envisioning can be easily be customized to suit any budget for the kind of your taste as well.



  1. Your backdrop is your destination 

Orchha is replete with massive cenotaphs, temples and monuments. With a destination wedding in such a stunning setting Orchha supplies an amazing backdrop, which means you won’t need much pomp props and decoration. You may go for an outdoor ceremony half way in our gardens overlooking gigantic Chaturbhuj Temple in the background and you will be more than delighted to see your wedding pictures.


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  1. Limited guest list

Whom to invite and whom to leave, deciding on a guest list is a daunting tasks while planning a wedding. Do you invite your aunt’s first cousin’s daughter only because your aunt doesn’t want her to feel bad? Traveling extended stays and bigger time commitments, a destination wedding can help you cut down on many invitees. You may talk in advance to the people that you really want to attend your wedding.


  1. Your guests will enjoy a great mini-vacation

There’s no doubt in that. Guests of a destination wedding are the ones who are most delighted, at ease and relaxed! A relative’s destination wedding is like a mini vacation for them. Your wedding will allow your guests to enjoy quality downtime in a splendid place that they may not normally visit.  So, please your relatives so that they shower selfless rejoiced blessings on your big day.


  1. Start your honeymoon early

Goose bumps? yeah? A destination wedding will romantically allow you to club your special day with your honeymoon. Even if you may not want to extend your stay, by just arriving at your destination you will surely put yourself into a relaxed mood during all the wedding ceremonies!

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So what are you thinking now? Guess these reasons are enough to tickle your fancy for a perfect destination wedding.

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Amar Mahal

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Situated on the bank of river Betwa, Orchaa is a small town in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It was established in year 1501 by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh- the first king of Orchaa. From ‘Ram Raja’ temple to ‘Jehangir Mahal’, Orchaa has got what it takes to complete your vacations. Orchaa takes you to the bygone era of the ‘Moghul Maharajas’ and at the same time give you the insights of the lives of Indian farmers- their lives and challenges. Beyond the commercial tourism if you want to peep into a typical village life of India then Orchaa is the right place to hit.

amar mahal over looking orchha temples and cenotaphs.

Nestling by the side of Betwa river and picturesque views of various cenotaphs and chatris of Orchaa make Amar Mahal a quintessential stay for the tourists visiting Orchaa. Standing erect on the river, Amar Mahal presents one of the finest examples of the ‘Moghul Architecture’ in the contemporary scenario. Intricately carved pillars, domes, arches simply bind you to the aura of this picturesque property. Amar Mahal boasts of 46 fully furnished and opulent rooms with each and every room facing the lush green exteriors and cenotaphs of Orchaa. All the rooms feature evocative royal Indian interiors that are dramatic play wood art and gold work. Amar Mahal offers its guests the most authentic Bundelkhandi food. Beside trying sumptuous cuisine of Bundelkhand one can also try other Indian, continental and Chinese food.

amar mahal Orchha

Beside luxurious suits and piquant food, Amar Mahal provides various other relaxing and soothing services. One can have ravishing experience with tranquilizing head massage that will release all your stress instantly. You can also recreate and rejuvenate yourself with relaxing ‘Kerela Ayurvedic Massage’ that will not only bust your stress but will also unplug you from the world. Amid the silent starry night, you can have a peaceful time with your family and enjoy the sounds of water rippling. You can also have an ultimate bird watching experience with different species of birds making an appearance. One can also get rid of scorching heat with aqua fun experience with water rafting in Betwa river during stay at Amar Mahal.

amar mahal Orchha

Over the time, Amar Mahal has also emerged as one of the favorite royal wedding destinations. Since wedding is considered to be one of the most divine, sanctified, and tremendous event’s of one’s life. The quality of facilities provided at Amar Mahal make your wedding and stay a majestic and whimsical one.


Conclusively, Amar Mahal sure is the perfect spot to explore heritage from the lap of luxury filled nature and culture. While planning a trip to Orchaa, Stay at Amar Mahal is highly suggested.

Every now and again, you need something out of the ordinary, something extra special. Maybe your event itself is personally significant

Enter the world of peerless delicacy…

New Year - Orchha wed4 cuisine1Amar Mahal is the ideal place to be when it comes to meet & celebrate social events of all kinds with a special distinction, be it a grand banquet or less formal luncheon, wedding receptions, political meetings, corporate conferences, press meetings or any other occasion.

Our banquet hall is an elaborate, sumptuous repast that is able to welcome about 24 seated persons offering amazing buffets created by our professional well experienced staff. The banquet covers everything from traditional Indian delicacies to the International gourmet cuisine.


All your requirements of a premium banqueting area, state of the art audio-visuals, excellent outdoor-indoor catering services & perfect ambiance will be amply met here at Amar Mahal. Our professionalism with the combination of creativity and passion ensures function to be well remarked and delightfully remembered by your guests.


Relish the perfect settings for your perfect events!

For an unforgettable banqueting experience with the ultimate regal hospitality amidst  the modern luxuries and beauty of nature, feel free to contact


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Marriage is another beginning of any ones life. Where one takes the step to fill their life with happiness, with their life partner. A delightful and grand wedding is the dream of everyone. There are people who believe in grand and marvelous celebrations and for them Royal weddings are the best options to make their wedding graceful and memorable. India with its rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions is the focal point for royal weddings.

Amar Mahal, Orchha

Orchha is such a beautiful location that fulfill all the desires of couples & sets the delighting mood for a perfect wedding. This remote town in natural beauty and splendor has almost everything to play a perfect host to a wedding.

Royal weddings at Amar Mahal offer the couples a chance to take new vows in the ultimate royal setting. With a beady mix of traditions, sanctity and emotions, weddings at Amar Mahal add glitz and glamour to make it an unforgettable moment. The quality of the ambiance and surroundings is really to be experienced.

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For an unforgettable royal wedding with the ultimate regal hospitality amidst  the modern luxuries and beauty of nature, feel free to contact


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