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Quite off the usual taken track, Orchha is one of the best places to celebrate all that was great in 2017. The whole world has so many New Year’s Eve parties and club nights, whatever your taste, and you might be finding it quite challenging to zero on one perfect new year’s eve for you and your friends. Sit back and think about Amar Mahal Orchha as there could be no other peaceful, serene and delightful place better than this to feel excellent on the New Year’s Eve and off course the following morning!


Celebrate this New Year Eve in the majestic surroundings of Amar Mahal Orchha. Revel in the land that expresses the lasting legacies of the Bundela Era. Located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is almost in the middle of the tourist sites of Jhansi and Khajuraho. Enjoy the poolside DJ night at pool with Gala Dinner and flavorsome Liquor on New Year Eve (31st Dec) and savor the delicious platter of veg and non veg snacks followed by succulent buffet Dinner and almost five kinds of desserts.

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Orchha is an ancient historical town hidden almost for centuries from the others and commands scenic views of its rugged surroundings and incredibly huge cenotaphs. Amar Mahal- the fascinating heritage hotel, once the house of the Rathores of Bundela era, is an ideal base for exploring the grandeur of magnificent architecture and natural beauty of Orchha . Amar Mahal Orchha is an upscale property of heritage importance and offers excellent facilities. Surrounded by natural beauty, each room presents an assortment of extravagance and comfort.

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To bid adieu to the old and ring in the new away from big-city chaos, call us  for attractive New Year’s Eve package at Amar Mahal Orchha! Bookings for the New Year Eve have already started, if you plan to bring back some lovely memorable moments from the Palace, you are cordially invited for a visit.

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A hidden wonder and undeniably a quintessence of India’s rich heritage – Orchha is a petite town squeezed between Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. Founded in 1531 as the capital of the kingdom of Bundhelkhand by Raja Rudra Pratap Singh, Orchha is a mere 40 min (16 km) drive from the Jhansi railway station. If you are staying in the only posh hotel of the town – Amar Mahal, Orchha, be prepared to feel cocooned in the charisma of the larger than life cenotaphs mounting over the tranquil small town, giving perfect company to the cloudy sky and shining sun.

Early in the morning, the breeze greets you with soft chirping of birds and a light orange sky embracing the carefree bathers, revellers & cattle ambling around freely by the Ghats of Betwa river, situated barely half a kilometre away from Amar Mahal.


Grouped along the Kanchana ghat of Betwa, stand the fifteen mesmerizing ‘Chattris’ aka cenotaphs or memorials to the Bundela kings and members of their clan of Orchha. Dating back to the 17th & 18th century, these cenotaphs speak of the valiant stories of those dead kings to which they are dedicated and whose memories stay etched in these colossal structures. But, here is a twist which makes them different from other architectural beauties. While admiring them, you will notice a few things like the varying size of all the cenotaphs. Ever wondered why the cenotaphs have been built in different sizes i.e. some small and some a little or lot larger? The reason behind this is that each cenotaph’s size symbolizes the time period for which the respective remembered king ruled.




These include the cenotaphs of Madhukar Shah, Bir Singh Deo, Jaswant Singh, Udait Singh, Pahar Singh & others. Rather than employing the domed chhatri format of many Rajput funerary structures the Bundela cenotaphs incorporate aspects of temple architecture, including tall shikharas.


Amidst this group of cubical structures with temple like spires, there is one cenotaph which is clearly the black sheep. It is Bir Singh’s cenotaph which alone stands as an epitome of Mughal architecture, but why ?  There is a little interesting tale behind it 😉


Once upon a time Prince Salim was fleeing Agra after having rebelled against his father, the all powerful Mughal emperor, Akbar. Akbar sent his right hand man, Abul Fazl to capture the Prince. They passed through the kingdom of Bundelas. The Bundela chieftain, Bir Singh Deo came to Salim’s aid and assassinated Abul Fazl in a plot contrived by Salim. Prince Salim eventually reconciled with his father and returned to Agra. Bir Singh Deo’s favour was not forgotten and he was showered with Mughal patronage after his death.


In case you are thinking that this is it, let us tell you that when in Orchha, a name which itself means ‘hidden’, there is more that what meets the eye. When you walk on the road between two cenotaphs on your right, there is a door on your left, which leads to a place that you could only have seen in fairy tales before. Hence, it comes at a small cost i.e. a ticket to go inside. Long verdant gardens with tall beautiful flowers surround you with the cenotaphs soaring high and looking like a group of castles with the giant vultures adding a spooky twist to them.



Visit Orchha and get enchanted by the cenotaphs to relive and delve in those mysterious historic tales that you read and imagined as a child in school.


Who in the world is not aware of the benefits of body spa and healing massages? And who isn’t aware of the traditional and gifted therapy of Kerala Ayurvedic Massage? It is an absolutely re-energizing blessing for those who wish to attain mental as well as body relief.

For the guests who are staying at Amar Mahal, Orchha this indeed is a blessing especially when you are tired and exhausted after sight seeing.


Enrich your health and enjoy the feeling of total wellbeing

Amar Mahal Orchha offers its guests some completely healing and rejuvenating experiences through the authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Massage given by our in-house expert masseurs from Kerala. The duo- lady and a man are our seasoned therapists who are always ready to provide the much needed advice and guidance required to select the right set of Kerala’s ancient ayurvedic treatments and care for all skin and body types.



They take special care of our guests after they indulge in exhausting activities on their trip to Orchha like water rafting, boating, jungle safari, village walk etc. Our spa and the inbuilt whirlpool bathtub prove as a relief centre for those visiting Orchha!


Right adjacent to the pool area of Amar Mahal, our spa is set amidst the beautiful courtyard area where two rooms are dedicated to experience royal Spa treatments. Guests are treated with exquisite Kerala Ayurvedic massages, spa therapy followed by  a recharging bath in the plush whirlpool bath tub.


The calming ayurvedic massages given by the hands of this magical duo can help you get the fresh skin, attain great mental relief and physical health, and above all help you chase away all the stress.


So what’s stopping you? Get those balmy hands on you and leave Orchha fresh and ready for another holiday!!

Amar Mahal
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Orchha is a beautiful medieval town built in the year 1501 by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh. This intriguing destination showcases an exquisite range of archaeological monuments to be mesmerized. The ambiance of the Orchha town is very pleasing and the location on the banks of river Betwa also adds to the serenity of the town. Though the word ‘Orchha’ means a hidden place, this town is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.

Ancient cenotaphs


The numerous ancient temples that date back to the 16th -17th century are breathtaking for their legend and architecture. Despite of being a tiny slumber town, Orchha offers to see various spots that attract tourists for historical importance and some serious photography. Many attractions like Rai Parveen Mahal, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Jahangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple, Raj Mahal, and Phool Bagh are the places that leave everyone awestruck. The state of the art Mural Paintings on the walls of the temples and buildings are another major attraction of the town.


Traveling to India is a dream of every traveler, and Orchha makes it to the “must see” list of these travelers. Come to Orchha and feel wonderful with unimagined holiday at Amar Mahal Orchha. An excited trip to Orchha with dreamlike accommodations is waiting for you.

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visit to Amar Mahal is like a tryst with history.

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Jahangir Mahal Orchha

Jahangir Mahal- an epitome of grandeur and legendary heritage, is now a favorite location for mytho serials and movies due to its magnificent and breathtaking architecture.


Recently, we saw the entire cast and crew of Mythological epic serial ‘Surya Putra Karn’ at the magnanimous Jahangir Mahal. And it was fabulously decorated with all pomps and props to appear like a palace of the ancient era.


Earlier, the much popular advertisement of Slice Mango Drink featuring gorgeous Katrina Kaif was also shot in the resplendent Jahangir Mahal!

We must say, Orchha due to its magnificent architecture and less explored status is fast gaining popularity in tourism circuit. Apart from the breathtaking architecture and spellbinding heritage, these shootings are also making Orchha popular among tourism circuit of Incredible India!

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River Betwa and Cenotaphs

Orchha- the tiny medieval town of Madhya Pradesh – is a serene holiday destination ‘far from the city crowd. The peaceful ambiances and the soothing air in Orchha have turned it into a refreshing retreat for those who seek peace of mind and tranquility.

Lately, Orchha is budding out as a satiating Meditation hot spot for yoga enthusiasts!! You couldn’t stop admiring the artistry and nature intensifying the backdrop of asanas by Yogasutra on NDTV Good Times !! Check the video on this link:

A sleepy hidden town with barely there dodging traffic, no outstretched hands of beggars and the insistence of shopkeepers definitely is an awesome destination to take in the best milieu of nature. 

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Orchha Bundelkhand

Indulge in the magnificence of the surprisingly beautiful Orchha which was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap, who chose this stretch of land along the Betwa River as an ideal site for his capital.

To visit the incredible town of Orchha you can contact us at

Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
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