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Bazaars in Orchha provide the major sources of recreation to the innumerable tourists who come from various parts of the world to visit the city. The Bazaars in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh have a distinctive trait that is a characteristic feature of most of the traditional Bazaars inIndia. Some of these features are the hustle and bustle in the area, the hawking calls of the shop owners to attract the attention of the tourists, and of course, the bargaining of the customers.

Now, we come to the point of mentioning the essential article that you may come across in the Bazaars of Orchha. The Dokhra handicraft, which is very unique in itself. This ancient tribal art form was originated and developed by the tribal community of a remote village called UshaGham in the district of Adilabad and now very much popular in the bazaars of Orchha. The metal works of Dokra, objects of wrought iron, and other gift items such as mementos, souvenirs, and showpieces are prominently found in the bazaars of Orchha. One can have a clear glimpse of the tribal culture and tradition in this art form. Mostly animal and bird replicas; figurettes of Gods and Goddesses are made. Extensive intricate designing on the artifact makes it to be an object to be possessed.

The peculiarity of this art form is that no two artifacts resemble each other; every minute aspect is finished with perfection. It is so intricately ornamented; it attracts the attention of the beholder. This art form is also being used in the ornamentation of the doors and windows and is widely used in interior decoration to create an ethnic ambience.

Thus, the Dokhra art  spread across the Baazars in Orchha will definitely grab your attention and fulfill almost all your shopping needs.

The city of Orchha is well connected with the various cities of Madhya Pradesh like Jhansi,Gwalior and Khajuraho by a network of roads from Jhansi. The city can also be ventured by railway to Jhansi and by airway to Khajuraho.

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