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“When scattered clouds are resting on the bosoms of the mighty high structures of Orchha, it seems as if one might climb into the heavenly region or the heavenly bodies will walk down to admire the beauty of this land, earth being so intermixed with the magnificent architecture from history, and this beautiful town of Orchha gradually making you fall in love” 

Amar Mahal Orchha brings to you the alluring postcards from the Orchha land of Madhya Pradesh that’ll make you fall for this place and plan a holiday soon 🙂

1. Laxmi Temple


With an unconventional architecture, which is a blend of a fort and a temple molds, the Laxmi Temple is a sight to behold. It manifests stunning paintings from post mutiny and the murals depicting mythology, spirituality and royalty.

2. Chaturbhuj Temple


Built during the reign of Emperor Akbar primarily to enshrine Lord Ram’s idol, this famous temple is now dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple stands on a huge, stone platform, and the great loftiness of its ceiling is an unusual feature to be seen in any Hindu temple.

3. Cenotaphs encompassing River Betwa


Laid down in a row of 14 along the beautiful banks of the Betwa River, the huge cenotaphs in memory of Bundela Kings and their family members are built in Nargar Style architecture.  Sunset on the banks of Betwa with these mystical Cenotaphs is said to be one of the most amazing sunset views in India!

4. Jahangir Mahal


When Mughal Emperor Jahangir first visited the city of Orchha, the then ruler Vir Singh Deo built this finest example of classical Mughal architecture to welcome him. Jahangir Mahal is regarded as a symbol of friendship between two former follies.

5. Paintings at Raj Mahal


Dated back from 400-500 years the paintings at Raj Mahal, Orchha are no less than a marvel. Lined with fragments of mirrors and animated paintings plastered all over the walls and ceiling, Raj Mahal’s interior attracts many visitors from across the globe to Orchha. These Bundela style paintings are so fascinating that one can spend whole day in the palace.

6. Rai Parveen Mahal


A lush garden, with shrubs and flowerbeds pruned in very many artistic shapes, surrounds this beautiful palace. The art of topiary has been in existence in Orchha for centuries. Rai Parveen Mahal was built in honor of the Bundela king’s paramour who refused to compromise her sanctity with Emperor Akbar.

7. Sawan Bhado


These sheer twin towers called ‘Sawan Bhado’ in the middle of ‘Phool Bagh’ are the miraculous air coolers from ancient Orchha. Strategically designed to ease out heat, the towers give off amazing cooling effects around the park during summer!

8. Sunset at River Betwa


Find mesmeric vistas and the much needed peace of mind on the bank of this Betwa River in Orchha. Against the noise of cattle and birds that are bidding adieu to the day, the gentle murmur of the water can only just be heard to further soak in the beauty of  setting Sun. The mild sun rays on the bordering cenotaphs make them look more historical and breathtaking.

9. Cenotaphs surrounded by Lush Gardens


The lush gardens encompassing magnificent cenotaphs of Vir Singh Deo are a treat to eyes. The beautiful maintained gardens with row of plants and variety of flowers offer a delightful ambiance to nature lovers.

10. Sheesh Mahal


The grandeur of past is magnificently coupled with an enchanting color scheme at Sheesh Mahal in Orchha. The interesting extension of Raj Mahal boasts of some age old medieval paintings that attract many!

11. Ram Raja Temple


Ram Raja Temple holds an intriguing history behind! The Hindu deity Ram is addressed as ‘Raja- the King’ in Orchha.   The Idols which were supposed to be installed in the magnificent Chaturbhuj Temple were kept on the ground where this temple now stands. The Temple has a beautiful architecture, which is bordering a marble courtyard and colorful walls. The evening Aarti and a special ‘Prasaad’ at this temple are worth not to be missed when in Orchha.

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Hidden behind the steep dhak forest of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is a fascinating slumber town, which very few have heard about. The traditional vacationers visit Jhansi, Gwalior or Khajuraho, but this sleepy yet magnificent hamlet carries unbelievable treasures from the medieval Indian royalty.  From Nature’s blessings to architectural marvels, Orchha has something to offer to all kinds of travelers.

  1. Nature’s Bliss
    If you are a lover of nature or history or both, you are sure to fall for Orchha, the … The place is a delight for bird watchers as there are around 200 species of birds. The scenic beauty of Orchha makes it a photographer’s delight and nature lovers’ paradise.

    Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary

  2. Heritage Grandeur
    Regarded for the magnanimous structure of Orchha Fort, cenotaphs and palaces, Orchha lists its name among the rich heritage destinations when it comes to rich architecture.

    orchha fort

  3. Adventure Spree
    A perfect getaway from the maddening crowd of city life, Orchha brings the perfect change with one vacation. The exciting and adventurous activities like bicycling, river crossing and wildlife safari brings the visitors back again and again.

    Ancient town Orchha

  4. Water Rafting
    An exhilarating river rafting expedition on the currents of River Betwa is another activity to enjoy in Orchha. The River Rafting, especially in monsoon, offers a different perspective of life on the brimming river Betwa.


  5. Eternal Solace
    Magnificent and mesmeric, the temples of Orchha render a kind of sanity and solace to the visitors. The popular Ram Raja Temple is regarded as one of the best Lord Ram Temples in India where he is worshiped as King. Apart from that, be it the exquisite structure of Chaturbhuj Temple or the palace like grand Laxmi Narayan Temple, each narrate a legendary bond of devotees and their Lord.

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Amar Mahal Orchha
Orchha is one of the most under explored and lesser known tourism destinations in India. The hidden town has many incredible spots that tourists would love to see and admire like the mammoth size cenotaphs, temples, monuments, palaces mansions and wildlife. Each of these beautiful, incredible places has something unique to offer, be it the Chaturbhuj Temple, which was constructed for Lord Ram’s idol but later turned for lord Vishnu or the lush wildlife bordering serene river Betwa!

Orchha is a treat for people who admire beautiful architecture, culture and nature’s beauty. The cenotaph town of Orchha has many popular sites that you’d love to visit and admire. Here are the top attractions of Orchha-

1. Orchha Fort
orchha fort

Situated on an island surrounded by River Betwa, Orchha fort is mesmeric for the scenic location and the palaces, temples it houses. The fort complex has three most important palaces; these are Jahangir MahalRaj Mahal and the famous Rai Parveen Mahal. Orchha Fort is also popular for its architecture, and the fascinating views from its multi-storeyed balconies are spectacular.

2. Jahangir Mahal
jahangir mahal

Jahangir Mahal beautifully reflects the architectural splendor that prevailed in the medieval times of Orchha. Built as a citadel to honor the friendship among Mughals and Bundelas, the Jahangir Mahal is a fine example of Mughal architecture. It has ultra spacious halls large enough to allow the entry of war elephants.

3. Huge Cenotaphs

The mammoth sized cenotaphs (Chhatris) in Orchha bear relics to the imperial glory and grandeur of the Bundela kings during the medieval era. Poised bordering the shimmering River Betwa, the Cenotaphs of Orchha are the most prominent travel attractions in Orchha.

4. River Betwa

An integral part of the medieval city ofOrchha, theBetwa River is one of the principal rivers that flow through the state of Madhya Pradesh. The quaint Orchha town rests on the banks of the River Betwa, which has also found ample mention n the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

5. Orchha Wildlife
2b6efa54ed6861dc888311f0e3cd-grandeOrchha Wildlife Sanctuary

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary lies within the area through which Betwa River flows. It’s one of the most scenic places in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to some of the most endangered species of the world.

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Orchha Bundelkhand

Not long ago the name Madhya Pradesh was synonymous with huge palace of Gwalior, Jhansi and Khajuraho. For the tourists and enthusiastic travelers the royal architecture and regal heritage of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh is always appealing and it’s a wish of every traveler to see these marvels.

Not many people knew about the Bundelkhandi culture and its tribal life. With the aim of preserving and encouraging Bundelkhandi culture and to make people aware about the magnificent cenotaphs of mammoth size, Orchha the hidden town came into the highlight of tourism map in Madhya Pradesh.

Within a drivable distance between Jhansi and Khajuraho – is the marvellously hidden town of Orchha.


As you step inside the town, you get a mesmerizing view of the huge cenotaphs touching the shimmering River Betwa, the temples of Chaturbhuj, Laxmi Narayan and Raja Ram built in the palace depict the grandeur of Bundelkhand in Orchha.


Amar Mahal, the palace hotel in Orchha is the true epitome of Bundelkhand’s royal grandeur.  Traditional rooms and suits decorated with splendid workmanship present a feeling of splendour untouched by vanity. A complete experience of the prosperous era enthrals every visitor. Dining area offers a delightful ambiance with a view of the cenotaphs in the backdrop and the rustic aromas of Bundelkhandi cuisines add more points to the overall dining experience.

Orchha breakfast IMG_6991 amar mahal
The live musical and dance show in the pool side garden awaits a visitor when he is done with things like body massage or a complete spa therapy.

Raj Mahal

Mughals in the 17th century were very powerful in India and had a great influence on India’s lifestyle and architecture. The Mughal courts called Diwan-E-Aam, due to their plush architecture, royal seating arrangements and pompous ambiances became very popular among the kings and Maharajas of those time.

Impressed by the Mughal court, the medieval King of Orchha Madhukar Shah also built a splendid Diwan-E-Aam at the Raj Mahal in Orchha. With a slight Mughal architectural influence and his personal touches, the Diwan-E-Aam at Raj Mahal is built on large pillared hall which is designed for the King to take public meetings and run the administration along with attending the matters of justice. The King could directly reach his seat from his private residence, which is on the highest platform of the court.

Picture Courtesy: Thinking Particle

Picture Courtesy: Thinking Particle

The court hall is divided into three levels of platform. King’s throne is placed on the highest platform followed by his ministers and nobles according to their ranks. Bordering the platforms are twenty eight huge columns that support intricately built cusped arches. Each of these columns further rests on a square shaped base adorned with decorative flower vases and motif paintings!

raj mahal paintings


While visiting the magnificent Raj Mahal, tourists get mesmerized by the grandeur and artistic architecture of the king’s court Diwan-E-Aam.


The cenotaphs popularly called chhatris on the banks of River Betwa are the memorial cenotaphs of Bundela kings and their families. This is the only place where you would find the cenotaphs of Hindu kings. These mammoth tombs are typically built in a variation of tombs. Most of these cenotaphs are three storied and built in Panchayatan (five dimensions) style with peaks built in Nagar style of temple architecture.


There are palaces, temples and courtyards dedicated to the Bundela kinsman Hardaul, who committed suicide to prove his innocence in an alleged affair with his elder brother’s wife. It is surprising to see that many Hindu women of the town come to pray and worships in front of his temple everyday from morning to evening. It is believed that anyone who prays to Hardaul, gets their toughest wishes come true.

orchaa introductory

Orchha is a town that unfolds many such historical and legendary tales of the past and its grandeur. Come down to the incredible hidden town and get mesmerized by the magnificence of this little hamlet in Bundelkhand.


Orchha Amar Mahal

Weekend is here and you are up to hit the road for another small holiday around. Stretch your legs on the Jhansi Khajuraho path and come across a quaint little town – Orchha. The hidden town of Bundelkhand is famous for it huge cenotaphs, marvelous temples, river rafting and Raja Ram temple aarti in the evening.

Orchha Cenotaphs amar mahal over looking orchha temples and cenotaphs.

Come enjoy the beauty of nature and architecture in Orchha. And, if are looking forward to a stay in Royal residence of an erstwhile Maharaja, then Amar Mahal Orchha is the place you should check in for regal ambiances, vintage furnishing and luxurious hospitality. Enveloped with a magical natural beauty, the Palace is a nature lovers’ paradise.

amar mahal

At Amar Mahal, you can find a truly rich evidence of Royal Bundelkhandi Style Architecture. It exudes a special feeling of getting close to rich cultural history of the brave Bundela warriors. Royal hospitality and matching comfort on the other hand offer a splendid holiday experience putting a sweet mark down the memory lane.

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