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Orchha, which houses the majestic Amar Mahal, is a small village near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. It’s a meager 15mins car ride away from Jhansi (the nearest railway station) and a 2-2.5 hour car ride from Gwalior (the nearest airport), Orchha’s reachability and its heritage, makes Amar Mahal the choicest wedding destination in Madhya Pradesh.

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Amar Mahal constitutes inspiration from an entire era, in its structures. With many different venues and spaces for all your wedding functions, you can have all the different backdrops for mehendi, sangeet, reception, and more, accompanied by the beautifully carved walls of Amar Mahal. The pool makes an excellent choice for mandap setup and the Chaturbhuj temple as the background will take your breath away.  Around the world, India stands tall as the choice of destination wedding venues.

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The choices of wedding destinations in India are endless, it’s the iconic architecture of Amar Mahal, carved with Indian culture at its core, along with Orchha’s beautiful monuments, which makes Amar Mahal the one of a kind wedding destination in India.

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Orchha has one of the most beautiful natural backdrops for an exotic pre-wedding photoshoot. With a fascinating number of historical monuments, cenotaphs, and temples, the package of a place Orchha is, remains unmatched.

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A wedding in Amar Mahal will take you on a journey through time, and we at Amar Mahal, take every step for you to feel the royal heritage and to have this history engulfed into your wedding.


Our luxury rooms take care of all your wants, you can relax and forget all the worries in our spa, feast on great food at Vyanjan restaurant, or just chill by our exquisite pool. Our specially trained staff will assist you with every single thing you want, just the way you want.

At Amar Mahal, we believe, marriage is the most important event of two people’s lives and their families, we would take pleasure upon hosting your wedding and making your days as special as the Royals had. If you have some special plans, just give us a call and we take every step to make it possible.

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The lesser known secret town of Orchha lies away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and is undaunted by the tourist crowd. Situated in the lap of this lush green ancient town is Amar Mahal that ensures a panoramic view of the monuments, cenotaphs and surrounding hills. The strategic location of Amar Mahal makes it the perfect blend of nature and heritage. It assures a resplendent stay with an extremely rejuvenating experience.

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Surrounded by beauty all around, Amar Mahal offers three different categories of luxurious clusters with Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Royal Bundela Suites. Each room is designed uniquely to offer you a medley of comfort and luxury.

The rooms are perfected with an impressive fusion of modern and traditional interiors, fanciful designs and regal choice of colours and themes. Intricately designed walls, super luxurious bedrooms, and beautifully furnished living rooms ensure a warm and congenial stay for our guests.

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There is something beautiful about every day that you spend at Amar Mahal, Orchha! Along with the natural beauty and comfortable stay, it offers a mélange of various other facilities. You may revitalize your senses by the pool or at Spa or simply explore the lush green areas surrounding the place. If you are in a mood of complete relaxation and want to indulge in good food Vyanjan Restaurant at Amar Mahal offers an assortment of dishes from various Indian and international cuisines.

Come down to Amar Mahal to explore and discover the evocative grandeur of warm hospitality that each of the rooms has to offer. Surrender yourself to the rich and regal impressions of the Bundela kings’ lifestyle blended with a refreshing experience of nature, away from the cobwebs of city life.


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Orchha- the Bundela capital of Madhya Pradesh in India is fast gaining importance in the tourist circle for offering peaceful and historic vacations. Orchha is still undaunted by the tourist crowd.  Unlike other historical destinations in India, the hidden town still offers a relaxed and rejuvenating experience to those seeking peace and true indulgence on their break.

As it is the right time to pack your bags and head to Orchha, and the long weekend, i.e. 30th March to 1st April, 2018 (Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday) is adding points to the plans, wait no more and get going to experience the grandeur, beauty and everything marvelous about the land of Raja Ram, also reminiscing about the great legends that history has to unfold.

Embark on an enlightening and exciting long weekend holiday in Orchha, with Amar Mahal as your base-

Orchha has many tourist spots to explore with your own pace.

The Laxmi temple is a unique blend of temple and fort architecture. The frescoes within this temple depict social and secular themes. These frescoes have retained their vibrant colors.


The Chaturbhuj temple of Orchha was the original destination of the idol of Lord Ram. This temple has been decorated with religious symbols on the outside, while it’s interior is stark. The massive citadel shaped temple can be seen from very far owing to its 4 pavilion structure.


Orchha has huge cenotaphs (chhatris) or memorials for its rulers, situated near the Kanchan Ghat on River Betwa that offer a pleasant ambiance to the visitors during sunrise and sunset.


You can also enjoy some of the exciting water sports like rafting and kayaking in the flow of brimming river Betwa.


The Jahangir Mahal, which was built by Vir Singh Deo ji in the early part pf the 17th century to mark the visit of the Mughal Emperor, is an important monument of this fort. It is known for its delicate work on one hand and balanced with strong masonry on the other.


The magnificent and poetic Raj Mahal is the second palace in Orchha’s fort complex, which is well known for its murals, depicting religious themes.


The Rai Parveen Mahal, dedicated to the 17th-century poetess-musician, is the third palace within the Orchha Fort complex and is set among well-laid gardens.


The Phool Bagh garden in Orchha is a well-laid garden and was the resting place of the erstwhile Bundela rulers. This garden has fountains, pavilions and ingenious water ventilation system called Sawan Bhado.


Among the numerous temples in Orchha, Raja Ram temple is the most revered one as Lord ram is regarded as King here. A guard of honour is given to the deity every evening that too in the Palace.


Travel to the lesser known secret town of Orchha for a unique experience every time. 

Amar Mahal
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If you are particularly travelling to Orchha to soak in the grandeur of its heritage and interested in Orchha’s history then this blog will interest you for sure.

Sound and Light Show Orchha5


Enthused with amazing sound and breathtaking effects, the Sound and light show is something you must not miss when in Orchha. Sound and Light show at the Fort/Palace Complex takes place from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm in English and from 8:45 pm to 9:45 pm in Hindi. It covers the history of Orchha and its glory in an interesting audio visual medium.

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Sound and Light Show Orchha3

Sound and Light Show Orchha2

Sound and Light Show Orchha

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Even though if there are 6- 7 people  in the audience, the organizers are happy to delight them. The prime purpose is to share the marvelous history and magnificence of Orchha with the tourists coming to the town. The interesting tales will keep you engrossing till the end.


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The world welcomed the new year in with spectacular shows, parties and enthusiasm, guest of Amar Mahal in Orchha had a spectacular night of celebrations set in the immaculately conceived ambiances in the slumber town of cenotaphs and temples.

Here’s a glimpse of the celebrations held on the New Year’s Eve at Amar mahal Orchha-

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Set in the resplendent garden of Amar Mahal, the huge canopies played host to close conversations, while the open air DJ floor saw the guests let their hair down on the local beats as well as popular music from across the world .

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Soft lighting and pleasant surroundings allowed the guests of Amar Mahal Orchha to smoothly slip into the ambiances and enjoy the last night of 2017.

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The elaborate menu with succulent snacks and drinks added to the celebration of New Year that the guests shared their joy and satisfaction by appreciating the hosts.

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Amar Mahal
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Orchha is a slumber yet intriguing town of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh that can be best explored at an unhurried pace. We suggest that you hire a bicycle and take a ride alongside  its quiet and steep roads within the woods or countryside.


Or if you are in no mood to ride a bicycle, request a car drive at your hotel and  idle by the Betwa River on Kanchan Ghat which is only 10-min walk from the main town.  Watching the sun dropping behind the 14 chattris of the Bundelas that stand proudly alongside the river is an experience beyond mesmerizing.

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These multi-level chhatris, open from 10.00 am to 05.00 pm, are built on high, square platforms, that you can climb to the top of via a narrow, roughly hewn staircase and enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings. These cenotaphs are larger than Rajput chhatris, and in spite of minimalistic detailed carvings or decorative flourishes, they attract the beholders for their massive structure.


Even after spending hours in the city of cenotaphs – Orchha you would realize that Orchha is the land of enigma—a kind of unpredictable land caught between legendary fictions and unbelievable facts. Here, on the boulder-strewn banks of the Betwa, the wildlife of Madhya Pradesh is fascinating, and the Gods come down to meet their devouts every evening.

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For a delightful stay in orchha visit

It gives us immense pleasure to share that the popular ghazal and devotional songs singer Padma Shri Anup Jalota Ji payed a visit to Amar Mahal on his recent trip to Orchha.

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The Emperor of Bhajans spent a good time at Amar Mahal and shared light moments with Shri Brajendra Singh Rathore, owner of the property. He also appreciated the warm hospitality of our staff and promised to visit us again.

Anup jalota 3

We wish Anup jalota ji all the best for his musical endeavours and good health.

Anup Jalota 2

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For a delightful stay in orchha visit

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