Freshly made fruit juices are a fabulous source of vitamins & minerals and are easy to prepare at home. You just need to add a twist of creativity to your drinks and you have an interesting mocktail, to quench.. in fact satiate your thirst.

We are presenting you two refreshing and tempting recipes by our star chef who promises these to be the cooling blast to your taste buds.


Homemade ginger ale

  • 15 ml fresh lime
  • Add all ingredients in a collins glass, slice lemon.
  • Add 15 ml sugar syrup, top up with sprite
  • Add 15 ml ginger juice
  • Add 15 ml mint juice
  • Add Sprite to top up

Here’s a recipe with white rum for those who prefer a hint of alcohol in their drinks..



  • 60 ml white rum
  • Four pieces fresh grape
  • Six chunks lemon
  • Three tbsp sugar


Muddle lime, sugar and grape in a shaker.

Pour the mixture into a Collins glass.

Add the rum and fill glass 3/4th with cracked ice.

“Both drinks are citrus based and a great thirst quencher for summer. They are refreshing, filled with instant glucose from sugar and vitamins from lime/grapes and mint,”

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