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India’s most awaited festival – Holi in every part of the country has a unique taste and experience. Holi in Bundelkhand has its own flavor and Amar Mahal celebrated the festival of colours with its guests. Remarkable energy and great enthusiasm is seen every year in the ambiance created by our guests at Amar Mahal Orchha

Followed by the holika dahan on the previous day,  Dhulandi Festival was celebrated at Amar Mahal in Orchha on March 02, 2018. We enthusiastically welcomed our tourist guests, who were staying at Amar Mahal on their holiday from different parts of the world.   The guests received a traditional welcome by the hosts and immediately indulged in the lively festivities of colors! They enjoyed splashing colors on each other and danced on drum beats and local songs played by our in house artists and performers.

Dancing and mingling with fellow guests and hosts, foreign guests enjoyed the festival of holi with great fervor and enthusiasm. After the Holi revelry the foreign tourists were also treated with savory delights and desserts of Holi .

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Missed this time? Don’t frown, a trip to Orchha on any given season or around the Indian festivals  is an exciting affair. So plan ahead in advance and  enjoy !!


Travel to this lesser known secret town for a unique experience every time. 

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Orchha celebrates the wedding of their King – Raja Ram. Yes the God is revered not as deity but the king in this hidden town of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh India. To mark the celebration of Raja Ram’s wedding; the entire town of Orchha is decorated beautifully like a new bride. Bathed in the glory of lights and colours, the temple of Raja Ram is a sight to behold. There will be a series of wedding ceremonies in the temple complex which includes rituals like worship of ancestral gods, the temple’s kitchen where the entire offerings and Prasad will be prepared, preparations of decorating Raja Ram idol etc.


Orchha’s people’s adorable Prabhu Shriram Janaki‘s wedding ceremonies have started from November 19th. Like every year, this time also the Shriram Janaki Wedding Festival will be celebrated with Bundeli rituals. There will be a bhandaara where thousands of devotees will get to eat the Prasad at temple.  Today i.e. on 22nd November, there will be various rituals at the temple followed by Baraat at 07.00 pm on 23rd November 2017.  To witness the vibrant rituals and ceremonial functions, there will be a large number of devotees from across the country, including the Bundelkhand region, to participate in the wedding of Raja Ram.


The wedding ceremonies are observed with great joy and gaiety.   A long ceremonial procession of Raja Ram towards Janaki Nagari will carried out from the Ram Raja Temple. The procession includes huge number of decorated chariots, carts with their traditional adornments, beautifully decorated dancing horses. A group of music bands, dancers and the royal staff of the temple will walk through the main streets of Orchha. The main attraction of the wedding function is the decorated chariots which are designed on the themes of different scenes from history.


The villagers from the nearby villages, city residents and foreign tourists come every year to watch this spectacular wedding of Raja Ram in Orchha.


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It was a moment of rejoice when Orchha celebrated Paryatan Parv 2017 with great fervor and cultural events. Commendable enthusiasm was shown by the locals and artists from across the state who participated in the sports and cultural activities organized during the celebration of Paryatan Diwas! There was cycle rally, dance performances, local musical show, shopping, food stalls and a lot more. Moreover, several art and craft shops were decorated at the handicraft fair, which was organised by the tourism department in the cenotaph town of Bundelkhand.

Orchha is a less hyped heritage town on Jhansi-Khajuraho journey. Usually travelers are drawn to Orchha concluding on historical & artistic pursuits. The cenotaph town is a marvelous retreat for those seeking peaceful holiday destinations in India.

Magic of light on the heritage marvel’s of Orchha! Cenotaphs bordering River Betwa were all ignited in the glory of night for the Paryatan Parv 2017.


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One of the most sought after festivals in India – Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout different communities in the Indian Diaspora. Regarded as the “festival of lights, Diwali is five-day celebrations beginning from tomorrow i.e. Tuesday October 17 till Saturday, October  21, 2017 wherein families get together, friends indulge in merry-making, light lamps and diyas as well as gorge on sweet delicacies.

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There are, however, two kinds of people who mark Diwali according to their liking; the ones who are grossed in the festivities and others who fret over the constant noise of the fireworks and fly away.

IMG_0004 copy

If you belong to any of these two categories then read on as we have a quick getaway that will ensure complete bliss of Diwali festivities as well as peace of mind amid nature’s beauty for all 5-6 days. Orchha- the land of Raja Ram is one of the finest holiday destinations in India which is hidden from the tourist crowd as of now.  Come and celebrate the festival of Diwali in Orchha where the temples and monuments are decorated beautifully and the people celebrate the festival in their own way.

Ram Raja Temple on Diwali

Besides, Diwali is not just about lighting candles, fireworks and merry making but also rediscovering your inner peace. Hanging lanterns lighting diyas signify God’s grace and blessings. Make this holiday truly momentous and savor the differing taste and culture of India in the town of Raja Ram- Orchha .


Since, Orchha is awash with historical monuments. The Government of MP has restricted its population from bursting firecrackers within the 5km radius of these sites, so you know you will not be bothered by loud noise during your Diwali in Orchha.


Revel in the festivities of Diwali from the comforts of Amar Mahal-Orchha effortlessly luxurious rooms and suites complemented with the very delectable cuisines of Bundelkhand, and the continental. Here you will also get to experience various entertainment activities. Be mesmerized by the synchronized light up of Diwali decorations when you steal a kiss under the sparkling tree.


May this festival of lights bring you peace, prosperity, success, health and great happiness! Happy Diwali!

Make this holiday truly momentous in Orchha! Book a room or suite at Amar mahal Orchha at the wonderful festival rates.

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Planning to host an anniversary or a Birthday party or launching your product, or may be a corporate team building conference? To host all these events there is this one thing which is very important, and that is a Convention Center- Party venue- Conference Hall. Call it anything but a Convention Center is an essential element to host an event. Amar Mahal is ideally located in the serene town of Orchha to conduct business meetings, social events and family gatherings.

Still wondering why Orchha’s Convention Center? Here are 7 interesting reasons to host your next event in Orchha’s Amar Mahal Convention Center.

  1. Surrounded by Nature– A serene palace in the hidden town with lush greenery and shimmering river, Amar Mahal is an epitome of heritage and royal culture of Bundelkhand. Your guests would not just attend your event but also be mesmerized by the splendid environs of the town.

    773A4259 copy

  2. Marvelous architecture– Set in architecturally rich surroundings with awe-inspiring paintings adorning the walls; the state of the art Meeting and Convention Center is the treat for eyes. Every nook and corner of the palace’s Convention Centre is worth admiring and your guest will taste the touch of Bundeli Royalty.


  3. Spacious Meeting Hall– Weather you hold a business gathering, launch a product or conduct review meetings; the spacious and elegant room, decorated in theatre style, is sufficient to accommodate 100-150 PAX in a professional yet relaxing environment. It can also be customized for pre-wedding functions, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations and business occasions and events.

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  4. Modern Facilities and Equipment– Facilities like Wi-Fi, Meeting supplies, Audio/Visual assistance at the venue ensure no inconvenience. Each system and equipment is pre-tested multiple times prior to the event so that no inconvenience is faced by the host at the last moment.

    773A3878 copy

  5. Impressive Board Room- Be it your product launch, board meetings, or pre and post wedding functions, we at Amar Mahal make it interesting with the big screen display and ample lighting in the room.

    773A3884 copy

  6. Multiple Functionality – Our Convention Hall can also be customized for pre wedding functions, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations and business occasions and events at different pleasant locations. The Convention Center is is flexible enough to be customized as per your requirement and convenience.

    773A3885 copy

  7. Warm Hospitality– With personalized assistance and determined staff we ensure that your business gathering will be an experience that’s anything but ordinary. Be it a search for the venue for short meetings or even a daylong event and conference – never hesitate to inquire about our Convention Center and we will exceed your expectations.


    773A4260 copy

The way meetings are planned, product launches are designed or wedding planners schedule functions and other social or business events may change in the coming year, but one piece of the industry will remain the same; we will continue to need Convention centers to host our functions and events. So take a lead and check out Amar Mahal Convention Center as a marvelous venue for your next event in Orchha.

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The splendid town of Orchha is blessed with plethora of archaeological attractions where each temple, ruin, palace and cenotaph narrates intriguing legends and majestic historical tales. But the weather of Orchha is another thing that delights its dwellers and tourists alike. People of Orchha have a special place for Saawan in their hearts as the entire month is full of activities. The month long festivities of Saawan offer every day celebration in the town. Besides sprinkles of rain, here’s one more reason why Saawan is splendid in Orchha.  Saawan Bhado- the natural air coolers of Orchha, which are the blissful retreat in Saawan.

IMG_4018 copy

These strategically constructed pillars keep the area around them cool and refreshing like that of spring in summer. In the month of Saawan, these pillars and their surrounding garden, “Phool Bagh” are flanked by locals and tourists alike to enjoy picnics and the bliss of Saawan under these cooling towers in the garden. Women and children of the house visit the Phool Bagh to rejoice in the weather and festivities with delicious food and sweets. Swings are hanged on trees, religious songs are sung by the women folk of Orchha.

IMG_0308 copy

The towers were perforated on the top such that they could catch the wind, while the lower part of the towers was connected to a reservoir of water. The towers, the water distribution system (aqueducts), and the underground reservoir of water were ingeniously connected to a Chandan Katora or fountain in the pavilion above the retreat. They are perhaps the only example of the Persian system of cooling in India.

IMG_3977 copy

The Phool Bagh, on the other hand, is a laid garden of Orchha and carries the testimony of the highly polished aesthetic sagacity of the Bundelas, who used to rule this small palace. The variety of trees and abundant greenery serve as a perfect base to enjoy the festivities of Saawan in Orchha.

Happy Saawan to you  🙂

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Holi is the most awaited Indian festival celebrated throughout the country with lots of zest and enthusiasm. Revelry is no less in Madhya Pradesh and same level of enthusiasm can be seen among the citizens of this state as in the rest of North. Of particular significance the festivity of Holi is rather special in Bundelkhand! The fervor of colours and merrymaking remains continuously for five days at Ram Raja Temple. The last day is called Panchami Holi. The tradition has its historic roots. It is said that the Maratha Holkars who conquered the state brought with them Marathi tradition of Rangpanchami- where the colours are played on the fifth day.


The market near Ram Raja Temple in Orchha is already brimming with colors and enthusiasm of Holi which will fall on Sunday, 12th March- Holika Dahan, Monday 13th March Dhulandi and Friday 17th March, 2017 !!



Holi is celebrated in Amar Mahal, Orchha in a beautiful way by spreading the colors of music in the atmosphere. It is celebrated with singing the special songs of Holi, savoring local delicacies and drinking an invigorating drink.


We at Amar Mahal are on the forefront in celebrating the festival Holi. This year a safe Holi will be played at the palace, with water, colors, gulaal and a lot more!  What makes Holi so unique and special at Amar Mahal, Orchha other than playing with colours is the spirit of it, which remains the same throughout the town and even among the tourists who come to Orchha from across the globe to particularly see the festivities of Holi.

IMG_2397 copy

So what are you waiting for? Come down to Amar Mahal Orchha to revel in the riot of colors and exciting festivities of Holi on 13th March 2017!

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Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh2

Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great fervour all over India with different names and forms. It is considered as the most auspicious day by the Hindus. Makar Sankranti in the central region of India, Madhya Pradesh and Bundelkhand is known as “SUKARAT” or “SAKARAT”.

The Monk sitting on the bank of River Betwa in Orchha Huge Cenotaphs

The auspicious festival marks the day when the sun begins its northward journey and enters the sign of Makar (the Capricorn) from the Tropic of Cancer . In other words, the sun moves from Dakshinayana (south) to Uttarayana (north). The day falls on the 14th of January every year according to the Solar Calendar.

A religious procession crossing the bridge over River Betwa

A religious procession crossing the bridge over River Betwa

On this day people of Orchha take a holy dip into river Betwa and worship the Sun God of Hindus. The locals also believe that donating food, clothes and monetary fund brings more blessings into life.

Special festive delicacies like Jaggery sweets, Til Laddoo, Sweet Chikkis are prepared to enjoy the festivities with friends and family.

tikha-gathiya lohri sweets

To enjoy the festivities of Sakrat from close you can rive down to Orchha and stay with us at Amar Mahal Orchha!!

Contact for Bookings

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Over the centuries, a rich and diverse tradition of song and dance emerged across the Bundelkhand region. On the International Dance day today, let us introduce you to the various lively dance forms of Bundelkhand.

Several local cults exist in this region independent of mainstream Hindu religious tradition. Bundeli Culture has many dimensions in the form of Folk Dances, Folk Songs, Folk Arts, Musical Instruments and many Festivals and celebrations giving opportunity to artists to demonstrate their performance. Few of the features of Bundelkhandi Dances are mentioned below.

1. Diwari : This dance in Bundelkhand is performed every year during the festival of light Diwali/Deepawali in the end of October or first week of November according to lunar calendar. In this connection the epic story goes that “in Gokul” when Lord Krishna raised Goverdhan Parvat on his finger to save the local people, they danced in joy. The dancers wear multi-coloured apparels and the chief dancer holds the peacock feathers in his hands and the rest stick those feathers in their half pants. The main instruments used in this dance are ‘Dholak’ and ‘Nagaria’ (both being a form of drums). The male dancers with long sticks show the marshal arts when the beats of drums inspire their energy and emotions. This dance is also performed as a ‘thanks giving’ after harvesting.


2. Ravala : Ravala dance in Bundelkhand is basically a dance drama. The farm labour community of Bundelkhand performs Ravala during marriages. It is performed with very funny expressions and humorous dialogues. The audiences are entertained by these expressions of dance and the dialogues of drama.

3. Badhaiya : Badhaiya is a ceremonial dance. It is performed on child birth, marriages or any other get together to celebrate happiness and joy. The collective moments of dancers show the unique expressions of their faces. With rhythm and movements they greet for the occasion.


4. Raai : Through the centuries Raai has been the folk dance which has touched its peak as a classical dance. Later, Raai degenerated its aesthetical value and lost its classical expression. Today it remains simply as a folk dance. Raai means a mustard seed. When a mustard seed is thrown into a saucer, the seed starts to swings around. This way mustard seed moves in the saucer, the dancers also swings and when the singers sing the lyrics of the song the dancers follow the beats with foot steps. It is a duet and the competition is between the beats of the drum and foot steps of the dancer. The drummer and the dancer try to win each other and this competition leads towards the bliss.


5. Horse Dance: It is a ceremonial dance performed by a trained horse with the loud beats of heave drums called Rabbi. With graceful movements, the horse follows beats of the drum with its four steps and the horse rider performs the gymnastics gestures. Typically horse dance follows the ceremonial marriage processions.


6. Pahunai : This song and dance is performed to welcome the guests in particular.


Photo Courtesy Mr. Yogesh Sarkar

For an unforgettable experience of Bundelkhandi dance and music with the ultimate regal hospitality amidst  the modern luxuries. For unmatched gala evenings, feel free to contact


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Celebrate the year-end in the comforts of Amar Mahal-Orchha effortlessly luxurious rooms and suites complemented with the very delectable cuisines of Bundelkhand, and the continental. 

Rani Mahal

Here in the town of cenotaphs , you can explore a host of entertainment and the festive wonderland in Orchha and be mesmerized by the synchronized light up of Christmas decorations when you steal a kiss under the sparkling tree.

Book a room or suite at Amar mahal Orchha at the wonderful festival rates.

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