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In the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, India, there dwells a sleepy serene town of Orchha with lush surroundings and captivating beauty. There is something really fascinating about this splendid town, especially during the monsoon season when the lush greenery flourish like a beautiful valley .

Let us take you to some of the most beautiful monsoon spots of the mesmeric Orchha that turn into a haven of nature’s bloom in this season of rains.

  1. Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary

    As soon the first shower of the season falls , the usually dry and arid area transforms into a lush paradise with flora and the river Betwa brims with abundant water. The famous bird sanctuary of Orchha is a perfect treat for the nature lovers and photographers as the landscape of Orchha’s wildlife sanctuary has much more than bird sighting to offer.


  2. Roof Top of Chaturbhuj Temple

    Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha is one of the most fabulous and ancient architectural marvels of the Orchha. The temple stands on a huge, stone platform, which in itself is a lofty rectangular building. The roof top of Chaturbhuj Temple offers to soak in a breathtaking view of the entire town covered with the sheet of greenery all around.

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  3. Bank of River Betwa

    Orchha  is bordered by the holy Betwa River, which is encompassed by the mammoth sized cenotaphs. During monsoon, the beauty of river Betwa is to die for. The mesmeric sunset, huge cenotaphs and their reflection in the shimmering Betwa are amazing to gaze at.

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  4. The Fort of Orchha

    A Nature loving photographer’s dream, Orchha Fort is a marvelous building to see and click in all seasons, but monsoon offers a marvelous makeover to this Bundela Fort from 15th Century. Climbing its stairs and a stroll through its grand courtyards drenched in the season’s freshness is just beyond imagination.

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  5. Amar Mahal Orchha

    It is a medieval palace of Bundela chieftains beautifully maintained to welcome the tourists and travelers in Orchha. With beautiful garden, appealing rooftop and desirable hospitality, this palace is the perfect base to enjoy the monsoon at all the above mentioned places in Orchha!

    View through Chaar Baag

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    So, Hike on a blissful and adventurous weekend break in this monsoon to Orchha and enjoy the bliss of rains in the Orchha land  of Madhya Pradesh.

Step into the paradise of warm hospitality and make the most of your monsoon gateway by enjoying this weekend at lavish Amar Mahal in Orchha!

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Amar Mahal
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA
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The splendid town of Orchha is blessed with plethora of archaeological attractions where each temple, ruin, palace and cenotaph narrates intriguing legends and majestic historical tales. But the weather of Orchha is another thing that delights its dwellers and tourists alike. People of Orchha have a special place for Saawan in their hearts as the entire month is full of activities. The month long festivities of Saawan offer every day celebration in the town. Besides sprinkles of rain, here’s one more reason why Saawan is splendid in Orchha.  Saawan Bhado- the natural air coolers of Orchha, which are the blissful retreat in Saawan.

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These strategically constructed pillars keep the area around them cool and refreshing like that of spring in summer. In the month of Saawan, these pillars and their surrounding garden, “Phool Bagh” are flanked by locals and tourists alike to enjoy picnics and the bliss of Saawan under these cooling towers in the garden. Women and children of the house visit the Phool Bagh to rejoice in the weather and festivities with delicious food and sweets. Swings are hanged on trees, religious songs are sung by the women folk of Orchha.

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The towers were perforated on the top such that they could catch the wind, while the lower part of the towers was connected to a reservoir of water. The towers, the water distribution system (aqueducts), and the underground reservoir of water were ingeniously connected to a Chandan Katora or fountain in the pavilion above the retreat. They are perhaps the only example of the Persian system of cooling in India.

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The Phool Bagh, on the other hand, is a laid garden of Orchha and carries the testimony of the highly polished aesthetic sagacity of the Bundelas, who used to rule this small palace. The variety of trees and abundant greenery serve as a perfect base to enjoy the festivities of Saawan in Orchha.

Happy Saawan to you  🙂

Amar Mahal  
Orchha, District Tikamgarh,  
Madhya Pradesh – INDIA  
Tel : + 917680252102, 252202  
Fax : +917680-252203  
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