Ram Raja Temple and the Aarti in Orchha

It is a scene that can be best described as a stereotype. The India that every foreign traveler dreams about — the mystical, spiritual India where the bizarre and the regular meet at street corners, where cows are worshiped , where saffron clad men with tambura in hand try hard to look saintly but end up being talented street musicians, where kitsch and color sell at bazaars.

There are many legends around the temple. Orchha is reportedly the only place in the country where Lord Ram is worshiped in his royal aspect and not as an avtar of Vishnu.

With its soaring spires and palatial architecture, the Ram Raja temple is surely one of the most unusual inIndia. The temple is an interesting fusion of modern architecture in an ancient palace with shrines scattered around. They simply do not blend although religion and heritage meet right in the heart of this town. The courtyard is an open bazaar selling anything from sweets to knick knacks. The cows stand stubbornly in your path, accustomed to being worshiped and fed. The tiled flooring inside becomes shelter for devotees who prepare to sleep.

It is said that Lord Ram resides in Ayodhya by day and sleeps in Orchha at night. Hence the Ram Raja Temple remains closed throughout the day: the heavy silver doors of the sanctum are flung open only at 7 p.m. when the evening aarti is performed. It’s a moving ceremony laced with a certain amount of pomp and fanfare. The gun salute reverberates through the night as the lights fade away. Do not miss the Ram raja Temple aarti when you visit Orchha. It is one of the best ceremonial sights to behold. The Aarti is as pompous and grand as the temple itself.

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Ram’s wedding is enacted each year in mid December. Orchha itself resembles a bedecked bride as the baraat – comprising gorgeously decorated chariots, caparisoned elephants, and horses – wends its way down the narrow streets. Later, the town celebrates the royal nuptials over a banquet (bhandara) hosted by the temple trust.

Ram Raja temple gets very crowded during Ram Naumi celebration, which is the busiest time of the year in Orchha. Once, few tourists literally went back from the highway because there were no rooms to even put their feet on the ground. Also during this time, you can see tribal people (Moniye) wearing and holding peacock feathers in their hands and doing traditional dance performances etc.

Plan your next holidays for this hidden town of Bundelkhand to experience the magnificence of Raja Ram Temple and the divine aarti!!

Orchha is a fabulous blend of beautiful architecture, pilgrimage, sightseeing spots and the luxurious stay with adventures!! All for every traveler’s delight!!!

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